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Archive for December, 2009

Daddy…are we at The Encantada Resort yet?

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

If you have young ones and have ever taken a vacation, you have heard this question….”daddy are we there yet?”

Well, if you are looking for an outstanding private pool home that is relatively new and extremely close to Disney World, let me introduce you to Encantada Resort.

Encantada in Spanish means enchanted and that fits these first class accommodations to a tee. I think I mentioned that the resort (that’s right it is a RESORT) is NEW. All of the three and four bedroom units were constructed in 2005 through 2007.

Each home was sold to investors furnished meaning that when you look at the photos on www.dwvacationhomes.com you will see your exact unit for each one has the same drapes, same carpet, same appliances and all are located in the same place.

There are two pool variations to the homes. The three bedroom two bath model sports a 12 x 12 model and the larger 4BR/3BA home has the much larger 19 x 12 pool. Either way the kids will think that mom and dad are so cool for getting their home complete with their own pool. Heat in the winter can be supplied for a slight daily upcharge if need be.

You want to be close to Disney World, well you have that in The Encantada Resort. You are just a right out of the resort, go to the first red light and turn left on the new HWY 429 and the first exit is the new western entrance to Disney World right there at the Magic Kingdom…you are literally two minutes to the Main Gate. Hence, you won’t have to listen to: “daddy…are we there yet?”

Amenities are quite plentiful at the Resort…there is a state of the art fitness center, an internet café, two heated community pools, a playground for the kids, a restaurant and lounge, and believe it or not a huge fishing lake stocked full of bass. Just bring your pole but be aware you must catch and release.

If you are looking for the ultimate in first class accommodations and desire to be as close as possible to the entrance of Disney World and you want exceptionally low nightly rates then check out The Encantada Resort…you will be enchanted, we guarantee it!


Why rent a vacation pool home?

Monday, December 28th, 2009

I had this question posed to me at breakfast this morning. The query from my good friend was: Why rent a Disney Vacation rental? My response to him was: Why…not?

It is not hard to look at the many attractive reasons for such accommodations. One they are relatively new to the market, two, they offer significantly more space for the family to enjoy their vacation rather than being cramped in a 20 x 20 hotel room, the amenity package such as a full kitchen and your own private swimming pool are huge benefit…and finally, the nightly rates due to the economic slow-down are quite attractive now.

Really, when we break it out…it is hard not to say “why not” in answering the why rent a vacation pool home in Orlando.
I mentioned earlier most homes found at www.dwvacationhomes.com are relatively new. All of the vacation homes we rent were built in this decade. This means our oldest homes are inside of nine years old. Almost all of our executive homes were constructed in 2005 to 2007 so they are almost brand new. This is a huge plus for the vacationer for who wouldn’t want to live in a new home rather than an older one?

There is significantly more space in a home. The average 3BR/2BA home is about 1,800 sq ft. That is a little over 4.5 times the size of a traditional hotel room. This huge amount of space allows all members of the family to enjoy their vacation without being under each other’s foot. Further with a four bedroom executive home, you get 3 baths…the extra baths cut down dramaticly on the time needed for the family to get ready for the day’s upcoming activities.

That full kitchen will save your budget. You desire to economize on this year’s Disney vacation, you will find that having your own kitchen will save the family of four upwards to $40 a day just in breakfast cost alone. If you add in a dinner or two spent at home around your private pool, you can add another $75 per day to the savings total. What a great way to economize and hurdle the high costs of attraction tickets? Definitely renting your own private pool home is an easy way to bring your vacation budget in line.

It is a known fact that having your own private pool will enhance the entire family’s vacation experience. So many times we receive testimonial letters from our guests thanking us for suggesting a private vacation pool home as a “better option” than renting a hotel in the Orlando market. Many parents have said that the kids looked forward to coming home each afternoon from a day at the parks for the pool offered a continuation of the good times enjoyed throughout the day.

Finally, since we on the budget….we need to be reminded that the nightly costs of a three bedroom vacation home with your own private pool is as affordable as a three star hotel room close to Disney World. That’s right! Due to the recession and the vast inventory of vacation pool homes in the Orlando market, prices have been slashed to where they are literally a steal.

If you and your family are considering a Disney World vacation this year, you definitely want to explore the renting of a vacation pool home that is available to you at www.dwvacationhomes.com…you will be glad you did.


Great deals on Disney Pool Homes

Friday, December 18th, 2009

We are fast approaching a new year, and I was looking at the rates that our partners have put in the data base for Disney Pool Homes for the upcoming year. All I can say is WOW! With these exceptional low rates, they are telling you and I, they don’t believe the economy is turning around at all.

Let me say…when you can get a 3BR/2BA vacation pool home inside of 14 minute radius to Disney World’s Main Entrance and have all of the features of your own home and to do it at $110 per night….well, it is high time to consider a vacation to Orlando. Think about it….being able to rent a Disney Pool Home that has cost some investor upwards to $350,000 or more and you are getting that for as low as $110 a night, the price normally charged by a Holiday Inn in the Disney World market ….well, that is unheard of.

These relatively new first-class executive homes have some 1,700 to 1,900 sq feet and offer three bedrooms, two baths, a huge great room, a lovely kitchen (fully stocked with all appliances and tableware) and of course a screened in lanai with private heated swimming pool. If you are looking for substantial space for your family to enjoy this year’s Disney World Vacation, then you have got to look at the Executive Pool Homes near Disney World that are featured on www.dwvacationhomes.com.

Based on the low rates offered by our management companies, they are stating they want to see improvement in the economic cycle prior to raising rates back to the norm. A word of caution, even though the advertised nightly rates are extremely attractive today, rest assured once these management companies see a spike in bookings…the rates for the spring break Easter holidays will be the first to see a substantial up-tick. Historically business around the Daytona 500 week and the President’s Day holiday are quite popular periods as well….therefore, expect rates to jump then as well.

The bottom line is…due to the economic climate no one really knows what to expect. The low nightly rates for our relatively new three, four and five bedroom executive pool homes are at unheard of rates. Now, is the time to take advantage before the market firms up and our providers punch their rates $20 or more per night. To make a reservation all you need is a $50 refundable deposit.


Deals on Disney Vacation Homes

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Eighty three percent of all accommodations booked at Disney World Vacation Homes come to us from the internet. Matter of fact, the web is the number one sales engine for travel and vacation opportunities.

In researching for a Disney Vacation Homes for a couple of guests looking to returning to Orlando this March for spring break, I was amazed at the myriad of accommodations that were offered. It seems that the choices were endless. Well, that is true. Today there are over 30,000 private vacation homes located in Orlando.

There are generally two segments to the vacation home market. Standard homes are very clean but are a bit older than those of it’s new brother the Executive models. The standard homes generally have white walls, a nice furniture package and standard or entry level carpeting. Generally a standard home will not have drapes but will offer Venetian blinds.

An executive pool home as found on Disney World Vacation Homes is graded such to get mom to say “WOW”. First of all, the executive homes are newer and offer the upgraded carpet, the nicer furniture package through out, pictures on the walls, planting material and nice pool furniture package.

Both market segments of homes are located inside 14 minutes to the entrance to Disney World and each has a cleaning fee and sales tax. The rates for the standard private pool homes are some 25 to 30% cheaper on a nightly basis from the executive models.

If you are looking for added space where the family can spread out and not be under foot, you want your own private pool, you desire to be close to Disney World and the other Orlando attractions and you want all of this at low nightly rates then you will definitely want to check out the options available to you at www.dwvacationhomes.com