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Davenport Vacation Homes

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

If you’re hesitating to visit central Florida for a vacation because you’re worried about the high cost, consider a vacation home development in the surrounding area. For example, you can spend your vacation close enough to the theme parks for a convenient drive, Davenport Florida, a suburb located only 7 miles from Disney World. Davenport is situated in the Northeastern section of Polk County, which is one of the fastest growing areas of Central Florida,along Interstate 4 and only one hour from Tampa, home of Busch Gardens adventure park. You’ll get much more bang for your buck when you rent a vacation home rather than a suite an an on-site resort at Disney World. For example, you can reserve a 1,500 square foot townhouse with bedrooms two full bathrooms, a deluxe master bath with tub and separate shower.
By opting for a vacation home over a resort suite, you can slash major expenses out of your food budget by cooking in the fully equipped kitchen. You’ll also have convenient amenities that will save your packing time and space. You can find vacation home with many of the accessories and necessities you’d love to bring with you but don’t have the space to pack, such as crib, high chair and a stroller for the baby, new bedding and linens modern entertainment features, including a 42″and 32″ HDTV,DVD Player, and Free WiFi high speed Internet to keep connected with friends and co-workers while you’re out of town.
Perhaps you’ve been assigned with the duty of coordinating an excursion for a large group and you need much more than just a two bedroom, single family home. You can still find the perfect vacation home in Davenport. For the price you’d pay for three nights at a Disney Resort, you can book a week at a grand villa resort in Davenport, with 2,000 square feet and sleeping accommodations for up to 12 guests. These vacation homes can have as much as six bedrooms and five bathrooms. Many vacation homes with four plus bedrooms are available at a very reasonable prices.
Disney vacation homes in Davenport are conveniently located 10 minutes from the Walt Disney World, 20 minutes from Sea World, 30 minutes from Universal Studios and only 40 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.


Terra Verde Resort

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of vacationing in Disney World and the central Florida area, but you’ve never ventured to the Sunshine State because of the astronomically priced resort rates of Disney World Resorts. You probably never realized that vacation homes are available in Orlando at rates lower than most major hotel chains. For example, in the Terra Verde sub-division, which is located only a few minutes from Disney World, you can reserve a three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom town house for just $85 per night. If you have a larger group and a larger budget, Terra Verde has plenty of homes that can accommodate more than eight guests.
Medium-sized groups of 5-8 people can choose among hundreds of vacation homes featuring furnishings suited to their unique needs or preferences. For $142 a night you can book a five bedroom, three bathroom villa with room for 10 guests.
For $215 per night,half the price of the typical two bed hotel room at Disney’s grand Floridian Resort, you can reserve a vacation home with enough space to sleep 15 people. For example, on vacationhomerentals.com, you can book a luxurious house with 3 King Beds, 1 Queen Bed, 1 Double Bed, 3 Twin Beds, 1 Sofa Bed and one crib, for rates as low as $1,450 per week. Notable amenities at the house include a game room, high speed internet,a full refrigerator, oven, washer and dryer, dishwasher, cable tv,dvd player and a game room.
Terra Verde offers a variety of activities to keep guests relaxed and entertained within their own rental community. After a long day at the theme parks, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city life and still enjoy an entertaining evening by visiting casting a few lines at the local fishing pond, working out a the gym/fitness center on site, or take the kids to the playground, where they can expend the rest of their energy.
Remember, renting a vacation home is a much cheaper and much more relaxing alternative to the cramped and costly alternative or renting a suite at a chain hotel or Disney Resort, but be sure to research each vacation home as much as possible before you commit to your rental.


Kissimmee Vacation Home Sub-Divisions

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with your loved one or your planning a reunion with a group of your best friends, you can find all of the space and rooms you’ll need at a vacation home in Kissimmee, Florida, just minutes away from Walt Disney World Resort, including EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures.
From fully furnished luxury homes to moderate townhomes, you can find the ideal housing to meet your group’s specific needs in a vacation home sub division in Kissimmee. Popular vacation home subdivisions in Kissimmee include Terra Verde Resort, Emerald Island, Reunion, Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills. In each Kissimmee vacation home subdivision, you can find all of the amenities offered at luxurious resorts. For example, at the Terra Verde Resort, you can book a four bedroom, three bathroom townhouse fully furnished with a full kitchen, including appliances like a dishwasher, refrigerator, ice maker, microwave and a toaster, along with a washer dryer and luxurious amenities like a game room, dvd player, video game center and a stereo system.
You can book that vacation home for just under $700 per week, which is as much as you’d pay for just for just three nights at a comparable size unit in the Walt Disney World resort.
Perhaps you’re traveling with a smaller group and you don’t need accommodations for eight. There are still plenty of great vacation home choices for families of four. For example, you can book a three bedroom vacation home in Kissimmee, for an affordable price of $99, located only seven miles from Walt Disney World. These bungalows features a fully equipped kitchen and dining room and amenities like a ping pong table, high speed internet and a private pool, with an on-site tennis court and volleyball court. No matter what you are looking for there is a vacation home in the Kissimmee area which will fit your needs. We offer everything from 3 bedroom townhouses all the way up to 6 bedroom vacation homes.


Benefits of staying at a Disney Condo

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

In today’s sluggish economy, families are fighting to save as many dollars as they can, including their vacation budget. As a result, more families are opting to stay in Disney-area condos rather than on-site Disney resorts. While Disney World Resorts feature very appealing amenities, you can find plenty of condos in the Disney area that offer just as much luxury as Disney’s finest resorts.
Frugal families know the benefits of eating in, and when you stay in a Disney-area condo, you’ll have many grocery stores nearby to stock up on reasonably priced groceries and goods. If you compare the savings on food expenses along, you’ll realize the value of cooking in at a Disney World condo. At a Disney restaurant, you’ll have to pay premium prices, including the tip for your waiter, at every meal, including breakfast.
Conversely, if you stay off site and in a condo, you can prepare your own meals or stop by a local restaurant with much cheaper menus and options. As for the lodging rates, you’ll find Disney area condos with double the space of a Disney resort at half the rate of a comparable room. You can cut your lodging expenses by at least 50% when you stay at a Dinsey condo for rates as low as $70 per night.
In addition to the financial benefits of staying at a condo, you’ll also appreciate the privacy offered by a condo.
Condos provide parents with the space and comfort they need to unwind and relax in their own, private room away from the kids. Most Disney area condos come with home entertainment systems featuring DVD players and surround sound, so your family can watch a movie together without spending more than $50 for a night at the theater.These are just a few of the many benefits of staying at a Disney-area condo.


Disney-area vacation homes advantages over Disney hotels

Friday, May 7th, 2010

For large families looking to travel on a budget, vacation homes near Walt Disney World Resort offer a lodging alternative that is much cheaper than most Disney World Resort packages. For example, at Disney’s Grand Floridian the cheapest nightly rate for a family is $495, and the most expensive is $1310 per night.
For the price of one night at Disney’s Grand Floridian, you can book four days at a vacation rental home with 3-4 bedrooms and room for eight guests. Other benefits of renting a vacation home include: extra space, more privacy and more amenities for your money. Standard rooms in Disney resorts don’t feature complete entertainment systems that are found in many vacation homes. Kissimmee vacation pool homes provide travelers the chance to unwind and relax with the same comfort they enjoy in their own living rooms, with complete furnishing. Imagine how much you’ll pay for a night at the movie theater and dinner at a restaurant, compared to the cost of eating in, renting a movie and watching it in the comfort of your own living room.
Disney resorts confine you to one or two rooms and if part of your group wants to play board games, while the other part wants to watch a movie, you’ll have to compromise. On the other hand, if you have a complete house for your stay, the kids can play board games in their own room or watch cartoons on their own television, while the adults enjoy reading a book on the couch or a movie together.
At a Disney resort, there’s no telling who your neighbors will be, and for all you know, you could be stuck next to a group of rowdy college students on spring break. Vacation homes offer privacy to protect your kids from strangers and allow parents to monitor their kids throughout the trip. You can’t guarantee a good night’s sleep if you don’t know who your neighbors will be on the other side of a resort wall


How close are the vacation home communities to Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

On-site resorts at Disney, SeaWorld and Universal eliminate the hassle and expense of traveling to local attractions, but they’re usually priced much higher than the typical Kissimmeee vacation home or rental condo.
Fortunately, you can find a vacation home community located within a couple miles of Orlando’s most popular theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet N Wild, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, the Orange County Convention Center, and other attractions.
Key roads to look for near your lodging include Interstate 4, Universal Boulevard ,John Young, Kirkman road State Road 192 ,International Drive and Vineland Road. Each of these roads leads to at least one of the major theme parks.
When you’re browsing through the various vacation home communities, be sure to check their location in relation to one of the aforementioned roads. For example, if you find a home in the Orange Lake subdivision, you’ll notice that it’s located right next to state road 192, which will take you straight into the heart of Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee, home of Disney World. Orange Lake is one of the most popular choices for vacation homes in Orlando because it’s only five minutes away from Disney.
If you find a town home in a subdivision closer to downtown or east Orlando, such as Lake Nona, Baldwin Park or Winter Park, you’ll be closer to the airport, but further from the main theme parks, approximately 30 minutes from Walt Disney World. Main roads near subdivisions in East Orlando include Colonial Drive, Semoran Boulevard, Narcoose Boulevard and Lee Vista Road.
If you are looking to save on your lodging budget or you prefer to stay close to the airport for piece of mind about departing on time, you may opt to stay in East Orlando, but you risk losing valuable time on your journey to and from the theme park. Interstate 4 is known for extremely long delays during rush hour traffic and those delays can ruin an otherwise great day at the theme park.


Disney Vacation Home Package Deals with tickets

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Families on a budget should consider Disney World vacation home package deals at an Orlando vacation home rather than a costly stay at Disney World Resort.
While there are certain advantages to staying on site at a Disney Resort may seem worth the cost, you may not realize some of the advantages of staying off site. First of all, you can pay as much as 3 times more for a Disney Resort than a vacation home, so you’re already spending much more than you need to if you opt to stay at an official Walt Disney World Resort. Also, you’ll pay extra money for many amenities and necessities if you stay at an official Disney Resort. Many of the standard amenities guaranteed by vacation home agencies aren’t even available options at Disney World resorts.
For example, Disney resorts may tout fancy pools, but they can’t offer the intimate and relaxing setting of your own private pool, complete with an outdoor bbq grill. Vacation home package deals usually come with standard appliances such as a stove, wide screen TV, surround sound, video game system, home stereo system, oven, dishwasher, pots and pans, toaster, refrigerator, a washer and dryer (which alleviate your apparel packing needs for your stay) ironing boards, laundry baskets and more.
Other perks of vacation home packages include water skiing, tennis courts, movie theaters beach volleyball and on-site golf courses. Compared to Disney resort prices, you’ll be paying a fraction of the amount. Vacation home packages give your group or family the ability to maximize their daily experience in the Orlando area with a fixed budget. By eliminating overhead such as laundry, eating out, green fees and other expenses, you can spend that money to buy gifts, souvenirs and other items you may not have had the money to afford if you opted to stay on site at a Disney resort.
Most of all, vacation home packages give your group the chance to find a comfortable and intimate setting, where you can house everyone in one central location, without feeling cramped by your neighbors down the hall. With your own house, you can stretch out and relax just like you would in your own home.