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Walking trails near Disney Vacation Homes

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

When you’re staying in your Disney vacation home, you may need a day away from the long lines and loud crowds at the major theme parks. One ideal way to escape into an isolated and serene environment is to find a nice hiking trail at a nearby state park,wildlife refuge or national park. Believe it or not, there are plenty of peaceful paths to find at parks where you and your family can walk through Florida’s remarkable wildlife.
Hiking trails near Walt Disney World and Kissimmee include Oakland Nature Preserve, located on the edge of Lake Apopka. Novice and veteran hikers alike will enjoy the incredible walk through floodplain forests on the broad boardwalk and the dense oak hammocks, full of ferns and wildflowers. When you reach the trail’s end you’ll notice an observation platform. Be sure to visit the platform and if you’re worried about your kids getting too tired along the path, there are shelters and benches to rest and cool off.
Another great destination for tourists who want to take a hike for a day is Tibet-Butler Preserve, located in West Orlando. Tibet-Butler Preserve boasts an extensive trail system that winds through Longleaf Pine Forest, Bayhead Swamp and Cypress-lined lakeshore.
During your walk through Tibet-Butler Preserve, look for birds of prey such as osprey and owls . Tibet-Butler preserve is only a short drive from Walt Disney World., on County Road 535.
For hikers who enjoy a bit of education with their journey, check out the Reed Creek Environmental Study Center on Poinciana Boulevard.The center includes three short trails, including a 0.5-mile long boardwalk, which is the best trail for wildlife viewing. Reed Creek also has an Indian mound trail, an interpretive center and a third trail called Pine Woods Trail, which leads to a trail head located along Poinciana Drive.
Hikers who visit during the early part of the year may be fortunate enough to see young bald eagles in the eagles nest.


Best Disney Vacation homes for July 4th

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Imagine a Fourth of July vacation where your kids can watch fireworks while they’re surrounded by Mickey Mouse, and a bbq with your family in the tropical setting of the Sunshine State.
If you’ve always dreamed about celebrating our nation’s independence underneath the fireworks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, you can turn that dream into reality for a reasonable price this summer. Fortunately Orlando vacation packages have never been more affordable for families on a budget. Vacation homes near Disney are available at rates that start at fraction of the cost of on-site hotels and resorts.
Bargains are easy to find through Orlando discount travel sites, such as Dwvacationhomes.com, which lists the cheapest rates for hotels,resorts and vacation homes across Orlando, Kissimmee and the Central Florida area. Rather than blowing most of your budget on an expensive resort, you can treat your family to a spacious vacation home with many more amenities than a resort, where you will get more bang for your buck.Vacation homes provide you with a more relaxed atmosphere that will reduce your stress.
Vacation homes are competitively priced and many are located in subdivisions within only a few miles of Walt Disney World and the other major theme parks in the Orlando area. For example, on DWvacationhomes.com, you can reserve a three bedroom standard pool home for $125 per night. Amenities are among the top reasons to consider a vacation home. Unlike a resort, vacation homes come fully furnished and include private features you can’t find at a resort, such as a private pool, a family entertainment center, a full size kitchen and separate rooms for everyone in the family. Our Disney World Vacation homes listed are within a short ,10 to 15 minute drive from Disney World, and they’re all recently built, most within the past four years.
In addition to the extra space and privacy, vacation homes also come with silverware and glassware for dining at home. By dining in for a few meals during your stay, you and your family can save up to hundreds of dollars.


Activities to do while in a Disney Rental home

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a rental home instead of a hotel, is the extra space for your family to enjoy. With the extra space, amenities appliances and furnishings, your family can enjoy a relaxing night at your home away from home and relax with the same activities you’d enjoy when you’re not out of town. Most vacation homes come with an entertainment system complemented by surround sound, and you’ll have a full kitchen to prepare meals at home.

Instead of blowing your money away at a restaurant and a trip to the movie theater, you can plan a night in with the family and save your hard earned cash by renting a DVD that’s fun for the whole family. What better way to unwind from a long day at Disney than to watch a few Disney classics with the stars from the theme park your kids met saw earlier in the day?

Imagine a relaxing night next to your own private pool, with steaks on the grill, kids in the pool, with a movie and desserts to finish the night.

If the kids want to watch their own TV shows, they can watch it in their rooms, while you and the wife enjoy the living room.If the family can’t agree on a movie, open up a classic family board game, or work on a Disney puzzle together. The outdoor grill is more than just a place for BBQ, you can also roast smores with the kids and eat them in front of the TV. If you have enough space in your luggage to bring games from home, be sure to pack your kids favorite games, so there won’t be any disagreements. You may also want to consider bringing a video game system to hook up to the TV, but be sure to check the list of amenities before you pack your bags, because some homes may already come equipped with the same video game console your kids use at home, such as X-Box or Sony Playstation 3.


Pool Games to play in a Disney Vacation home

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Private pools are one of the primary perks of renting a vacation home in Orlando. While resorts may have fancy slides and lazy rivers around their clubhouse pools, they can’t offer the private and cozy setting that can only be found in backyard pools. Your family will feel at home with a backyard pool and you won’t have to worry about noisy strangers.

In preparation for your stay in your vacation home, try to pack a few items to use in the pool. If you have any inflatable items such as beach balls, you can deflate them and bring them along for fun and games in the pool. Some of the most entertaining pool games don’t even require inflatable balls or toys. You can play classic pool games such as “sharks and minnows” and “marco polo”, where swimming skills are the only requirement for a game.

One of the easiest ways to get the family together for a game in the pool is to bring out the beach ball and start a game of volleyball. Try to see how long you can keep the ball bouncing from one person to the other, without the ball hitting the water. You can also find a variety of poolside games made by kids toy companies such as Mattell. NERF footballs and frisbees are easy ways to start a game of catch, which anyone can participate in.

In the pool game, plug the leak, all you need is one cup with a hole in the bottom and one empty bucket for each team. The game starts with one person filling their cup and placing it on their head as fast as possible to plug the leak. With contestants watching safely from the side, the person with the cup walks to the empty bucket to pour their water into it, then they relay the cup to their teammate waiting on the other end.When both teams are finished, the team with the most water in what was their empty bucket wins.


Kissimmee vacation rentals

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Before you book a hotel room for your Walt Disney World vacation or trip to the Orlando area, you should consider the cost-efficient alternative of renting a vacation home near Disney World. For families, vacation homes offer more space and more amenities for their hard-earned dollars. Compared to past years, vacation homes are much more reasonably priced. For the cost of one night’s lodging at one of Disney’s on-site resort, a family of four or more can reserve a vacation home for five nights. The reason vacation homes have reduced rates their rates is because of the buyer’s market that’s resulted from the home foreclosure fallout. If you browse through the right sites, you can find incredible deals.

For example, on dwvacationhomes.com, you’ll find an extensive directory to vacation rental homes in Kissimmee and the Lake Buena Vista area surrounding Disney World. Some of the most popular subdivisions for reserving vacation homes in Orlando are: Aviana Resorts, Crescent Lake,Vista Park Resort and Paradise Cove. Terra Verde, Windsor Palms, Emerald Island, and Regal Palms Resort.Amazing amounts of amenities are offered at Aviana Resorts, which is located on US 17-92, South of State Route 192. Amenities include a 65,000 square foot clubhouse, which has a cyber cafe and a pool. Each home has its own private pool.

Terra Verde Resort, located on Poinciana Boulevard,is only a few minutes from Disney World, in a rural, wooded area subdivision. Vista Lakes is another popular choice for vacationing families, with furnishings and room for up to eight guests in multiple master suites. Other convenient amenities in Crescent Lake Vacation homes include outdoor electric grills, two-car garages to keep your car protected from the Florida sun.
Premier Oaks is also near 192 and only a short drive from several of Orlando’s finest shops and restaurants. Amenities at Premier Oaks include a large community pool a volleyball curt, jogging trails and a playground to keep the kids happy. You’ll appreciate the extra space and the attention to detail at Premier Oaks, especially the Mediterranean-themed landscaping.