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Disney Vacation Home Package Deals with tickets

Families on a budget should consider Disney World vacation home package deals at an Orlando vacation home rather than a costly stay at Disney World Resort.
While there are certain advantages to staying on site at a Disney Resort may seem worth the cost, you may not realize some of the advantages of staying off site. First of all, you can pay as much as 3 times more for a Disney Resort than a vacation home, so you’re already spending much more than you need to if you opt to stay at an official Walt Disney World Resort. Also, you’ll pay extra money for many amenities and necessities if you stay at an official Disney Resort. Many of the standard amenities guaranteed by vacation home agencies aren’t even available options at Disney World resorts.
For example, Disney resorts may tout fancy pools, but they can’t offer the intimate and relaxing setting of your own private pool, complete with an outdoor bbq grill. Vacation home package deals usually come with standard appliances such as a stove, wide screen TV, surround sound, video game system, home stereo system, oven, dishwasher, pots and pans, toaster, refrigerator, a washer and dryer (which alleviate your apparel packing needs for your stay) ironing boards, laundry baskets and more.
Other perks of vacation home packages include water skiing, tennis courts, movie theaters beach volleyball and on-site golf courses. Compared to Disney resort prices, you’ll be paying a fraction of the amount. Vacation home packages give your group or family the ability to maximize their daily experience in the Orlando area with a fixed budget. By eliminating overhead such as laundry, eating out, green fees and other expenses, you can spend that money to buy gifts, souvenirs and other items you may not have had the money to afford if you opted to stay on site at a Disney resort.
Most of all, vacation home packages give your group the chance to find a comfortable and intimate setting, where you can house everyone in one central location, without feeling cramped by your neighbors down the hall. With your own house, you can stretch out and relax just like you would in your own home.


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