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Best Disney Vacation homes for July 4th

Imagine a Fourth of July vacation where your kids can watch fireworks while they’re surrounded by Mickey Mouse, and a bbq with your family in the tropical setting of the Sunshine State.
If you’ve always dreamed about celebrating our nation’s independence underneath the fireworks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, you can turn that dream into reality for a reasonable price this summer. Fortunately Orlando vacation packages have never been more affordable for families on a budget. Vacation homes near Disney are available at rates that start at fraction of the cost of on-site hotels and resorts.
Bargains are easy to find through Orlando discount travel sites, such as Dwvacationhomes.com, which lists the cheapest rates for hotels,resorts and vacation homes across Orlando, Kissimmee and the Central Florida area. Rather than blowing most of your budget on an expensive resort, you can treat your family to a spacious vacation home with many more amenities than a resort, where you will get more bang for your buck.Vacation homes provide you with a more relaxed atmosphere that will reduce your stress.
Vacation homes are competitively priced and many are located in subdivisions within only a few miles of Walt Disney World and the other major theme parks in the Orlando area. For example, on DWvacationhomes.com, you can reserve a three bedroom standard pool home for $125 per night. Amenities are among the top reasons to consider a vacation home. Unlike a resort, vacation homes come fully furnished and include private features you can’t find at a resort, such as a private pool, a family entertainment center, a full size kitchen and separate rooms for everyone in the family. Our Disney World Vacation homes listed are within a short ,10 to 15 minute drive from Disney World, and they’re all recently built, most within the past four years.
In addition to the extra space and privacy, vacation homes also come with silverware and glassware for dining at home. By dining in for a few meals during your stay, you and your family can save up to hundreds of dollars.


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