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Disney Vacation Homes

Many think that the Walt Disney World Resort has Disney Vacation Homes on their property by the theme parks. The truth is that there are no vacation homes on the Disney property but don’t dismay, the homes themselves are only 15 minutes away from Disney.

These homes have recently become popular because they are so much larger than your standard hotel room ,which is only about four square feet, and and they also come with your own private pool. The rates of the vacation homes are similar to the rates at a 3 star hotel.

When the theme parks were first being built in the Orlando area , the city set up zones where the vacation homes could be built. None of the vacation homes were zoned near Universal Studios nor SeaWorld so all of the homes are located near Disney. There are now over 30,000 Disney Vacation homes available for rent near Disney.
All of the homes come fully furnished. They are certainly a home away from home.


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