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Disney World Townhomes vs Disney World Vacation Homes

What is a town home and how does it differ from a vacation rental pool home near Disney here in the Disney World Market? This morning we received this question from a potential guest who visited our web site dwvacationhomes.com. The guest wanted to come to central Florida but had a larger than usual family.

A town home is a structure that is attached to another town home. It is not a condo where there are units (usually single floor) that are stacked on one another and have their next door neighbor share a common wall. A town home is usually two sometimes three stories high and due to the cost of land, the developer built them next to one another sharing a common wall.

A private vacation home is as one would imagine a single family house that is in a community where zoning allows for rentals to be on a short term basis. There are no zero lot lines as a rule and the homes are detached from one another.

For sheer privacy one can see that a vacation home would offer substantial privacy as to that of a town home. Size of the dwellings is a consideration. A town home usually is quite smaller than a private vacation home. Hence there is more under roof in a private home.

Most vacation town homes are built in a gated community where there are a number of amenities to attract guests. Here you would find: tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pool or pools, volleyball courts and in some even a lake for fishing.

In a private vacation home, they likewise are in communities, many of them gated….however, their big attraction is the attached swimming pool. That is the number one reason that most people select a private vacation “pool” home over a town home. Yes, the added space is attractive…however, when it comes to the family vacation to Disney World there is nothing quite alluring as your own private pool when you have kids in your party.

Cost is somewhat of a factor in the equation as well. Where town homes maybe closer to the attractions such as Disney World, they are smaller in size and therefore will carry nightly rents from $80 in low season to as high as $140 in high seasons. A private vacation pool home generally starts out in low season around $110 and goes upwards to over $200 per night in high season depending on the size and number of bedrooms in the home.

Both of the rental units in Orlando are owned by investors. A management company is hired by the “investor” home owner to maximize his rental income and to take care of his place when he is not there. A home will carry greater management fees for there is more upkeep….cutting the grass, tending to the pool, and raking of the leaves in the late fall.

For the family who is looking to spend the majority of time going to the theme parks, the best alternative might be a town home due to the low nightly rates. However, when a family is interested in spending some time at the parks and some time just being together especially around their private pool…then the vacation home with pool fits their bill to a tee.

All in all both fits quite well so much so there are over 30,000 vacation town homes and private pool homes in the Disney World market



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