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Disney World Vacation Homes

We are excited to display our new website, DWvacationhomes.com, for everyone to see, and hopefully we can provide some good deals for you and your family to visit us here in Orlando, FL. Even though this is a new website for us, we have been around the Orlando area for a while. In fact, we have been helping guests desiring to visit Disney World with great savings since 1994.

The vacation home industry since 2001 has really taken off in Orlando, and currently there are as many vacation homes near Disney World as there are hotel rooms. Many of these vacation homes were bought by UK investors from 2002 until 2007. Why? Simple…money! Remember during these years the UK pound was worth almost twice as much as the American dollar, so these lucky investors were able to come over here and buy a home at nearly 50% off the asking price (not a bad deal).


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