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Disney’s Newest Ride Offers Orlando Vacationers a Bird’s Eye View

The brain trust never sleeps at the Magic Kingdom. Disney launched their newest ride, Characters in Flight, last Friday in Downtown Disney. Yes, you read that right. Downtown Disney is the site for the new ride. Disney describes the ride as a “400 foot tethered balloon experience.”

With hot air balloon rides costing about $150 in the Orlando area, most people opt not to get a bird’s eye view Disney and the Orlando area. While Characters in Flight won’t take you as high or as far as a hot air balloon, the attraction will offer a much more modest price and will create the ‘feel good’ that Disney is known for. The ride is positioned over the water and should provide a great view for all of its guests. The location of the ride was crucial in that Disney officials did not want the ride to interfere with the regular operations at a Downtown Disney. So rather than doing dinner and a movie, you can now do dinner and a ride.

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