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Fishing spots near Vacation Homes in Orlando

Orlando is known for its theme parks, but it’s also home to hundreds of freshwater lakes and ponds full of fishermen’s favorite species, including largemouth bass, car, crappie, gars and freshwater catfish.
One of the largest freshwater lakes in Orlando is Lake Apopka, located off County Road 437 at Magnolia Park. This 30,000 acre freshwater lake is full of largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, sunshine bass and perch. Lake Apopka has been stocked with sunshine bass, which grow to an average weight of four pounds.
If you’re near the town of Oakland, you can fish Johns lake, a 2,417 acre lake off state road 50 (also known as Colonial Drive)
Johns lake is known for its high stock of large mouth bass, shellcracker and black crappie. Due to the lake’s unique shape, it’s home to a wide variety of species and the shallow spots make great fishing holes.
A slightly smaller lake located closer to Walt Disney World is Bay Lake, which is 1,060 acres and full of largemouth bass, bluegill and black crappie.
Lake Conway, located in Belle Isle, Florida, approximately 12 miles from Walt Disney World, on State Road 527 and Hoffner Ave, is 1,075 acres full of Large mouth Bass, Black Crappie and Bream. Lake Conway is known for its steep dropoffs and shallow vegetated areas,home to schools of largemouth bass that will chase silver spoons and plastic fishing lures.
Lake Tibet, located in the town of Windermere, is another decent sized freshwater lake, 1,198 acres wide. It connects to Lake Chase and is another reliable spot for large mouth bass, blue gill and black crappie.
If you need to pickup some basic supplies for fishing, including fishing poles, fishing line and lures, you can stock up on everything you’ll need at Bass Pro Shops in Festival Bay, near the Mall at Millennia.



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