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Get Cheap Orlando Travel for Large Groups with Disney Vacation Homes

Whether you plan on traveling with your church youth group or your best friends, Disney vacation homes offer the most affordable and enjoyable option for your Orlando vacation.

Many people decide to cancel or put their vacation plans on the shelf for another year once they start looking at hotel prices in the Orlando area. Hotels can get quite expensive fast and often offer little value to justify their rates and the larger the group, the bigger the expense.

But did you know that there are other options to staying in Orlando that are right next to Disney? Not only are they in a great location but they offer great accommodations for vacationers. Say goodbye to over crowded hotel rooms.

With the average hotel room boasting a mere 400 sq. ft. per room, rooms can become quickly cramped and uncomfortable. This is certainly not an issue in a vacation home where the homes start at 1,200 sq. ft. and get much larger from there. With that type of square footage, everyone will be able to spread out and enjoy themselves. The homes can sleep up to 13 people too! As you can already tell, this will greatly reduce the cost for each member of your group.

The homes come with fully equipped kitchens (which also helps cut down on everybody’s food bill), tvs, furniture throughout, your own private pool, and so much more.


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