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Pool Games to play in a Disney Vacation home

Private pools are one of the primary perks of renting a vacation home in Orlando. While resorts may have fancy slides and lazy rivers around their clubhouse pools, they can’t offer the private and cozy setting that can only be found in backyard pools. Your family will feel at home with a backyard pool and you won’t have to worry about noisy strangers.

In preparation for your stay in your vacation home, try to pack a few items to use in the pool. If you have any inflatable items such as beach balls, you can deflate them and bring them along for fun and games in the pool. Some of the most entertaining pool games don’t even require inflatable balls or toys. You can play classic pool games such as “sharks and minnows” and “marco polo”, where swimming skills are the only requirement for a game.

One of the easiest ways to get the family together for a game in the pool is to bring out the beach ball and start a game of volleyball. Try to see how long you can keep the ball bouncing from one person to the other, without the ball hitting the water. You can also find a variety of poolside games made by kids toy companies such as Mattell. NERF footballs and frisbees are easy ways to start a game of catch, which anyone can participate in.

In the pool game, plug the leak, all you need is one cup with a hole in the bottom and one empty bucket for each team. The game starts with one person filling their cup and placing it on their head as fast as possible to plug the leak. With contestants watching safely from the side, the person with the cup walks to the empty bucket to pour their water into it, then they relay the cup to their teammate waiting on the other end.When both teams are finished, the team with the most water in what was their empty bucket wins.


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