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Walking trails near Disney Vacation Homes

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

When you’re staying in your Disney vacation home, you may need a day away from the long lines and loud crowds at the major theme parks. One ideal way to escape into an isolated and serene environment is to find a nice hiking trail at a nearby state park,wildlife refuge or national park. Believe it or not, there are plenty of peaceful paths to find at parks where you and your family can walk through Florida’s remarkable wildlife.
Hiking trails near Walt Disney World and Kissimmee include Oakland Nature Preserve, located on the edge of Lake Apopka. Novice and veteran hikers alike will enjoy the incredible walk through floodplain forests on the broad boardwalk and the dense oak hammocks, full of ferns and wildflowers. When you reach the trail’s end you’ll notice an observation platform. Be sure to visit the platform and if you’re worried about your kids getting too tired along the path, there are shelters and benches to rest and cool off.
Another great destination for tourists who want to take a hike for a day is Tibet-Butler Preserve, located in West Orlando. Tibet-Butler Preserve boasts an extensive trail system that winds through Longleaf Pine Forest, Bayhead Swamp and Cypress-lined lakeshore.
During your walk through Tibet-Butler Preserve, look for birds of prey such as osprey and owls . Tibet-Butler preserve is only a short drive from Walt Disney World., on County Road 535.
For hikers who enjoy a bit of education with their journey, check out the Reed Creek Environmental Study Center on Poinciana Boulevard.The center includes three short trails, including a 0.5-mile long boardwalk, which is the best trail for wildlife viewing. Reed Creek also has an Indian mound trail, an interpretive center and a third trail called Pine Woods Trail, which leads to a trail head located along Poinciana Drive.
Hikers who visit during the early part of the year may be fortunate enough to see young bald eagles in the eagles nest.


Disney Vacation Home Package Deals with tickets

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Families on a budget should consider Disney World vacation home package deals at an Orlando vacation home rather than a costly stay at Disney World Resort.
While there are certain advantages to staying on site at a Disney Resort may seem worth the cost, you may not realize some of the advantages of staying off site. First of all, you can pay as much as 3 times more for a Disney Resort than a vacation home, so you’re already spending much more than you need to if you opt to stay at an official Walt Disney World Resort. Also, you’ll pay extra money for many amenities and necessities if you stay at an official Disney Resort. Many of the standard amenities guaranteed by vacation home agencies aren’t even available options at Disney World resorts.
For example, Disney resorts may tout fancy pools, but they can’t offer the intimate and relaxing setting of your own private pool, complete with an outdoor bbq grill. Vacation home package deals usually come with standard appliances such as a stove, wide screen TV, surround sound, video game system, home stereo system, oven, dishwasher, pots and pans, toaster, refrigerator, a washer and dryer (which alleviate your apparel packing needs for your stay) ironing boards, laundry baskets and more.
Other perks of vacation home packages include water skiing, tennis courts, movie theaters beach volleyball and on-site golf courses. Compared to Disney resort prices, you’ll be paying a fraction of the amount. Vacation home packages give your group or family the ability to maximize their daily experience in the Orlando area with a fixed budget. By eliminating overhead such as laundry, eating out, green fees and other expenses, you can spend that money to buy gifts, souvenirs and other items you may not have had the money to afford if you opted to stay on site at a Disney resort.
Most of all, vacation home packages give your group the chance to find a comfortable and intimate setting, where you can house everyone in one central location, without feeling cramped by your neighbors down the hall. With your own house, you can stretch out and relax just like you would in your own home.


What comes standard in a Disney World rental home?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

When you compare the value of a Walt Disney World resort compared to an Orlando vacation home, you should consider the standard amenities offered . For example, the typical Disney resort costs 5-to-10 times as much as many Disney area vacation homes in the Orlando area, but they don’t offer much more than a bed, bathroom and a TV.
Imagine if you could cut your food budget for vacation in half. By cooking a few meals in a kitchen at a vacation home, you can slash hundreds of dollars off your weekly expenses. With the money saved from you food budget, you can apply that money to enjoy more of Orlando’s shops and attractions.
When it comes to supplies and household necessities, you can find Orlando vacation home agencies that provide kitchen supplies and accessories that will save you on your daily expenses. For example, one vacation homes agency’s standard amenities include a stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, blender, coffee maker, toaster, electric can opener, electric mixer, pots & pans, tea kettle, dishes, glasses, silverware, cooking utensils and a gas BBQ grill.
Vacation homes offer other perks in addition to the money you’ll save on your food budget. With standard appliances such as a washer and dryer, ironing board a laundry basket, you can wash your clothes in the middle of the week and save some space in your luggage to pack souvenirs and gifts.
Remember, there are many different vacation home agencies to choose from when you’re planning your trip to Orlando. To ensure you’re booking a house that comes with the items and furnishings your family will appreciate, be sure to review the standard amenities on the website, or ask for a list from your travel agent.
As you evaluate vacation homes according to their daily or weekly rates, be sure to factor in the money saved on standard amenities. You may find a vacation home agency that offers a house of identical size to your alternative, but if it doesn’t come furnished and stocked with necessities, you’ll wish you had devoted more time to researching your choices.


And the winner is Terra Verde Resort

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I recently received a letter of thanks from a guest who was looking to come to Orlando late last year for a Magical Disney World Vacation. Her name was Valery and she was from West Lafayette Louisiana. Her party was made up of 2 adults (sisters) and each had their siblings with them. One was age 13 the other 15. The dilemma was that the oldest child was a girl, the youngest a boy…both cousins. We discussed getting two hotel rooms, but found that the best choice was the Terra Verde Resort.

The reason for this choice was really quite simple. Valery had a tight budget. She wanted to get a place where the party of four could be together, but the kids would have separate sleeping quarters. She also wanted a secure setting that offered a ton of amenities to keep the kids occupied.

The budget question was what we tackled first. We wanted something that would be cheaper than getting two hotel rooms and we wanted to be close to Disney World which was where the family was going to spend the most time. Terra Verde fit the bill here for the rates were about the same as the price of one average hotel room close to the parks and it was located less than 10 short minutes to Disney World.

Regarding the separate sleeping quarters, we selected a three bedroom two bath town home. Each of the kids had their own bedroom and the two sisters shared the Master. There were two and one half baths in the unit and there was also a full kitchen, laundry room, living room and dining area.

Terra Verde is a gated community with a guard house and a live guard that only permits guest and owners the ability to enter the confines of the resort. We don’t have much crime anywhere in the Disney area, but the guard gate permits the family the peace of mind to allow teens the privilege to go to the club house and community pool unsupervised.

Finally, when it comes to amenities, Terra Verde has no peers. The Resort offers a huge community pool, an extremely large clubhouse with concierge service, a media room where movies are shown, an internet café and a state of the art fitness center. There is also a huge lake and playgrounds for the smaller kids. If volley ball in your thing, there is even a sand volley ball court as well as basketball court for the older kids.

Yes, Valery and her sister made the choice of spending their five days at Terra Verde Resort. As she said in her letter to me….”we had a blast, it was hard to determine whether to stay in our lovely home or to go to the theme parks.” Terra Verde Resort was the winner and so was Valery and her family!!!