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Activities to do while in a Disney Rental home

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

One of the biggest advantages of staying in a rental home instead of a hotel, is the extra space for your family to enjoy. With the extra space, amenities appliances and furnishings, your family can enjoy a relaxing night at your home away from home and relax with the same activities you’d enjoy when you’re not out of town. Most vacation homes come with an entertainment system complemented by surround sound, and you’ll have a full kitchen to prepare meals at home.

Instead of blowing your money away at a restaurant and a trip to the movie theater, you can plan a night in with the family and save your hard earned cash by renting a DVD that’s fun for the whole family. What better way to unwind from a long day at Disney than to watch a few Disney classics with the stars from the theme park your kids met saw earlier in the day?

Imagine a relaxing night next to your own private pool, with steaks on the grill, kids in the pool, with a movie and desserts to finish the night.

If the kids want to watch their own TV shows, they can watch it in their rooms, while you and the wife enjoy the living room.If the family can’t agree on a movie, open up a classic family board game, or work on a Disney puzzle together. The outdoor grill is more than just a place for BBQ, you can also roast smores with the kids and eat them in front of the TV. If you have enough space in your luggage to bring games from home, be sure to pack your kids favorite games, so there won’t be any disagreements. You may also want to consider bringing a video game system to hook up to the TV, but be sure to check the list of amenities before you pack your bags, because some homes may already come equipped with the same video game console your kids use at home, such as X-Box or Sony Playstation 3.