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Best Disney Vacation homes for July 4th

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Imagine a Fourth of July vacation where your kids can watch fireworks while they’re surrounded by Mickey Mouse, and a bbq with your family in the tropical setting of the Sunshine State.
If you’ve always dreamed about celebrating our nation’s independence underneath the fireworks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, you can turn that dream into reality for a reasonable price this summer. Fortunately Orlando vacation packages have never been more affordable for families on a budget. Vacation homes near Disney are available at rates that start at fraction of the cost of on-site hotels and resorts.
Bargains are easy to find through Orlando discount travel sites, such as Dwvacationhomes.com, which lists the cheapest rates for hotels,resorts and vacation homes across Orlando, Kissimmee and the Central Florida area. Rather than blowing most of your budget on an expensive resort, you can treat your family to a spacious vacation home with many more amenities than a resort, where you will get more bang for your buck.Vacation homes provide you with a more relaxed atmosphere that will reduce your stress.
Vacation homes are competitively priced and many are located in subdivisions within only a few miles of Walt Disney World and the other major theme parks in the Orlando area. For example, on DWvacationhomes.com, you can reserve a three bedroom standard pool home for $125 per night. Amenities are among the top reasons to consider a vacation home. Unlike a resort, vacation homes come fully furnished and include private features you can’t find at a resort, such as a private pool, a family entertainment center, a full size kitchen and separate rooms for everyone in the family. Our Disney World Vacation homes listed are within a short ,10 to 15 minute drive from Disney World, and they’re all recently built, most within the past four years.
In addition to the extra space and privacy, vacation homes also come with silverware and glassware for dining at home. By dining in for a few meals during your stay, you and your family can save up to hundreds of dollars.


Orlando town home or a Disney Condo?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

If you’re traveling with a family or group, one of the most important questions you’ll face when you’re planning your vacation to Disney World and Orlando is “Where should we stay?”
With thousands of resorts, hotels, condos and homes to choose from, the answer depends on your groups needs and preferences. For example, if you’re traveling with a group of six to eight family members, you’ll probably be much more comfortable in a setting that’s very similar to your arrangements at home.
If you prefer to keep your daily routine and arrangements as close to your regular routine as possible, a town home could be the best choice for your journey. As you plan your daily events with your group, you should ask important questions and consider how much personal space and time you’ll need throughout the week. For example, if you’re traveling with your wife and several kids, you should consider how much private space the young kids will need when they want to play with their toys, watch a movie or play outdoors. You should also consider how much quiet time you’ll want to spend at the end of your busy travel day. If you prefer to stay away from loud and crowded places, a 3or 4 bedroom vacation town home is probably the best choice for your Orlando vacation.
Disney resorts confine you to one or two rooms, and after a couple days cooped up together in small living quarters, you’ll be on edge and more likely to fight with the rest of the group. Resorts and condos may not provide sufficient space to keep everyone’s personal and private space respected.
A main advantage town homes offer is the standard amenities that they come with. Resorts rarely offer as many amenities as town homes and condos may not offer the outdoor perks of a town home. For example, a vacation home often comes with a private pool, kitchen appliances and entertainment centers you can’t find in a resort or a condo.
Disney area condos are better suited for young couples or small groups that are looking to save money.


Disney Condos – A Great Vacation Choice

Friday, September 4th, 2009

If you have ever stayed in a hotel with your kids, then, you will certainly appreciate this article. The average Orlando hotel size is only 400 square feet. I bet you didn’t realize that. But if you have a couple of kids like us, it feels more like 200 square feet or more like an overgrown closet.

Early this Summer we went to a hotel owned by Disney and I was disappointed in not only the size but the hotel itself. I didn’t realize Disney owned 2 star hotels. I guess that you are supposed to just be happy that you are staying on Disney property. The hotel walls seemed paper thin. It was certainly a shotgun style hotel room. We could hardly get around the room without running into each other.

Well, we certainly learned form that experience. Just last weekend we decided to try something different and we chose a Disney condo. Now this Disney condo was not owned by Disney but was very close to all the Disney parks. The experience was night and day when compared staying at a Disney hotel.

For starters, everyone had their own room. Now, there’s a great idea, and the place had to be about 3 times larger than the hotel and I just couldn’t believe the prices. It cost less than the hotel at Disney. We paid just $89 a night for the Disney condo rather then $99 for the undersized hotel.

It was a great experience for sure. Everyone loved it. If you are considering renting a Disney condo, don’t think twice. They are a hidden jem in the Orlando vacation market.


Why stay at a Disney Condo?

Friday, June 26th, 2009

If you are heading to the Orlando area for your family vacation, do yourself a favor and check up on a Disney Condo. They often get overlooked in favor of more expensive but less nicer hotel accommodations. Disney condos can cost less and be more enjoyable for your family and here is why.

With hotel rooms averaging about four hundred square feet, there certainly is not much room to spare. Of course the larger the family, the more of an issue this becomes. Disney condos come with two and three bedroom options and have at least double the size of the average hotel room. Everyone can have their own space to unwind and relax. You have room to spare.

Another great feature of the condo is that they some with very nice kitchens that come with all that you need. That includes your utensils, plates, refrigerator, and stove. So, you have ample space to store snacks or whip up a meal if you so choose.

Disney condos are located close to all of the theme parks. For example, the Windsor Palms community is less than two miles from the Disney theme parks. Being that close to the parks, really comes in handy after a long day at Disney. You will be able to quickly take care of any little one who are tired or hungry.
Condo communities also come with great amenities such as a pool, twenty four hour security, basketball courts, weight rooms and tennis courts.