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Kissimmee vacation rentals

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Before you book a hotel room for your Walt Disney World vacation or trip to the Orlando area, you should consider the cost-efficient alternative of renting a vacation home near Disney World. For families, vacation homes offer more space and more amenities for their hard-earned dollars. Compared to past years, vacation homes are much more reasonably priced. For the cost of one night’s lodging at one of Disney’s on-site resort, a family of four or more can reserve a vacation home for five nights. The reason vacation homes have reduced rates their rates is because of the buyer’s market that’s resulted from the home foreclosure fallout. If you browse through the right sites, you can find incredible deals.

For example, on dwvacationhomes.com, you’ll find an extensive directory to vacation rental homes in Kissimmee and the Lake Buena Vista area surrounding Disney World. Some of the most popular subdivisions for reserving vacation homes in Orlando are: Aviana Resorts, Crescent Lake,Vista Park Resort and Paradise Cove. Terra Verde, Windsor Palms, Emerald Island, and Regal Palms Resort.Amazing amounts of amenities are offered at Aviana Resorts, which is located on US 17-92, South of State Route 192. Amenities include a 65,000 square foot clubhouse, which has a cyber cafe and a pool. Each home has its own private pool.

Terra Verde Resort, located on Poinciana Boulevard,is only a few minutes from Disney World, in a rural, wooded area subdivision. Vista Lakes is another popular choice for vacationing families, with furnishings and room for up to eight guests in multiple master suites. Other convenient amenities in Crescent Lake Vacation homes include outdoor electric grills, two-car garages to keep your car protected from the Florida sun.
Premier Oaks is also near 192 and only a short drive from several of Orlando’s finest shops and restaurants. Amenities at Premier Oaks include a large community pool a volleyball curt, jogging trails and a playground to keep the kids happy. You’ll appreciate the extra space and the attention to detail at Premier Oaks, especially the Mediterranean-themed landscaping.


How many people can stay in a vacation home near Disney World

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

If you’re planning Traveling in a large group always has its pros and cons. Savvy travelers know of all the great airline discounts and special rates available for parties over six people. While the discounts come in handy, they don’t remove one of the main challenges of traveling in a large group- finding lodging accommodations for one single unit.
Vacation homes can house 6 to 12 people comfortably, while Walt Disney World Resorts offer suites designed to sleep four people, and they cost as much as $175 per night, with a $25 surcharge for each additional guest over four.. For the same price as one night in the eight-person, Sugar loaf suite at Disney’s Grand Floridian, you can reserve five days in a vacation home with five fully furnished bedrooms, five bathrooms, 2,500 square feet of living space, a private spool, private spa, an outdoor bbq grill to enjoy a poolside cookout, a TV in every bedroom, a widescreen TV, DVD player, playstation video game console, a formal dining room to enjoy dinners together and a garage to keep your car clean and safe.
Vacation homes provide a relaxing and intimate setting unmatched by any of Disney’s resorts. With a Disney World vacation home, you’ll never have to worry about agreeing on the TV show or movie to watch, or if you’re keeping the rest of the group awake. Even the most exclusive Disney resorts can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy a night of quality sleep without being woken from rowdy and loud neighbors next door.
Imagine how stressed and cramped you’ll feel if you try to squeeze 6 people into a resort suite designed for 4 people. In a vacation home, your group will enjoy the extra space and you won’t have to worry about who your kids run into once they leave their bedroom. A vacation home gives parents the peace of mind that their kids don’t have to stay in one room in order to avoid strangers. Those are just a few of the many ways a vacation home will reduce your stress and increase your pleasure during your Orlando vacation.


Vacation Homes near Disney

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

This blog entry is going to deal with questions we get asked day in and day out regarding Vacation Homes near Disney…hope this helps.

What are the bed types in my four bedroom vacation home?

Note: all private pool homes in Orlando around the Disney World Theme Parks are owned by individual investors. Many of these are citizens of the UK. You will generally find that they will outfit the Master Bedroom with either a King or Queen Bed. The second bedroom will generally have a larger bed, but the third and fourth bedrooms will have twin beds each. The five bedroom models, at least the ones I have seen, will generally have two bedrooms with larger beds and twins will be in the remaining three.

How close will my home be to Disney World?

All of the 325 homes in our inventory are inside of 14 minutes to the Main Gate of Walt Disney World.

Where can I see pictures of my specific vacation pool home?

Obviously with so many homes in our inventory we would have to have a lot of pictures. Let me better explain it to you….The nightly rates for our executive and standard homes are far below the average for the the quality you are getting. The reason is that the reservation is blind as to the property in question. The management company receives your reservation and when they confirm your reservation they are guaranteeing you an executive home (if that is what you are trying to reserve) for the dates you requested. They will put your reservation in inventory and move it around several times prior to your arrival. Now, lets say they showed you pictures of the first home your reservation was booked for, but when you arrived here to pick up the keys at the Welcome Center, the home you received was different….you would think what’s up. What they are doing with the low nightly rates is to give you what you want and move your reservation around in their system to max out the bookings in a given month for all homes in their portfolio.

What is the difference between a standard pool home and an Executive Model?

First of all, there are some similarities; both of the homes were built by the same builder. The differences lies in what happened after the owner/investor bought his home. The standard home buyer went to a furniture store and bought relatively cheap furniture. He put in the lower grade of carpets, Venetian blinds are on the windows, the paint color throughout the entire house is white, the lesser grade of pool furniture is what he purchased and he put in a few smaller televisions. The Executive Home buyer was proud of his investment and saw himself using his home quite often. He went to the interior decorator of the builder and they chose color to put on the walls, the better grade of carpet was ordered, drapes on the windows, the better furniture package, the better pool furniture and the larger televisions. The difference for you will be the quality of your vacation pool home. When your wife walks in and says WOW! The desired effect of the investment was reached.

As W. Brewer of Lexington, KY said…”the key for us was to have the necessary room to spread out and enjoy the comforts of our home…. the private pool enhanced the overall vacation experience.”


Best Deal on a Disney Condo

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I love talking about “best deals” especially when it comes to renting a Disney Condo. There are so many choices and quite frankly a number of things come into play when looking for the best deal.

First of course would be location. Who wants to have first-class accommodations only to have to drive a half hour or so to the theme parks…that won’t cut it. Location is the prime reason 43% of our clients select one property over another. As long as the property is inside of 10 minutes to the parks…that is acceptable at least in my book.
Second consideration concerns quality. Who wants to rent a dump? No one! The property must be exceptionally nice for my wife and family to stay there…if not she will say we have got to find something better. Hence if you can find a newer property that is well maintained, you are on the right road.

Third consideration is low nightly rates. Disney World Theme Park Tickets are expensive and adding an expensive lodging choice might break the budget. I generally tell people a nice condo should cost no more than a three-star hotel at the entrance to the theme parks. Rate is definitely important consideration.

Fourth, there should be no hidden fees. I have heard of many management companies who advertise low rates and then come back around with booking fees and the like. This is not fair. Tell it like it is; if you charge a fee spell it out up front….not when I am ready to book.

Lastly, the property must accommodate my needs and offer a myriad of amenities that my family will enjoy. The idea of having a large clubhouse with activities all day for my kids is a benefit. A water complex with slides and water activities is a huge plus. Shuttle service to Disney World is a nice feature. All of these are things I would consider using. These are important when selecting the right condo.

The name of two of the condo complexes that meet the five criteria I have set as being a Best Deal on a Disney Condo are The Fountains Resort home of two bedroom/two bath units and Regal Palm Resort with 3 and 4 Br town homes. Click on www.dwvacationhomes.com and check them out, you will be mighty glad you did.


Great deals on Disney Pool Homes

Friday, December 18th, 2009

We are fast approaching a new year, and I was looking at the rates that our partners have put in the data base for Disney Pool Homes for the upcoming year. All I can say is WOW! With these exceptional low rates, they are telling you and I, they don’t believe the economy is turning around at all.

Let me say…when you can get a 3BR/2BA vacation pool home inside of 14 minute radius to Disney World’s Main Entrance and have all of the features of your own home and to do it at $110 per night….well, it is high time to consider a vacation to Orlando. Think about it….being able to rent a Disney Pool Home that has cost some investor upwards to $350,000 or more and you are getting that for as low as $110 a night, the price normally charged by a Holiday Inn in the Disney World market ….well, that is unheard of.

These relatively new first-class executive homes have some 1,700 to 1,900 sq feet and offer three bedrooms, two baths, a huge great room, a lovely kitchen (fully stocked with all appliances and tableware) and of course a screened in lanai with private heated swimming pool. If you are looking for substantial space for your family to enjoy this year’s Disney World Vacation, then you have got to look at the Executive Pool Homes near Disney World that are featured on www.dwvacationhomes.com.

Based on the low rates offered by our management companies, they are stating they want to see improvement in the economic cycle prior to raising rates back to the norm. A word of caution, even though the advertised nightly rates are extremely attractive today, rest assured once these management companies see a spike in bookings…the rates for the spring break Easter holidays will be the first to see a substantial up-tick. Historically business around the Daytona 500 week and the President’s Day holiday are quite popular periods as well….therefore, expect rates to jump then as well.

The bottom line is…due to the economic climate no one really knows what to expect. The low nightly rates for our relatively new three, four and five bedroom executive pool homes are at unheard of rates. Now, is the time to take advantage before the market firms up and our providers punch their rates $20 or more per night. To make a reservation all you need is a $50 refundable deposit.


Cheap Tickets to the Disney World Theme Parks

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Cheap Tickets to the Disney World Theme Parks are not easy to find. Why? Because Disney wants you to buy your theme park tickets from them and not other ticket vendors. Disney simply refuses to be undersold for their own product. Think about it. Disney would be foolish for trying to sell their tickets for $80 while the local competition only charges $60. If that were the case, then Disney would not sell any tickets at their parks. With theme parks attendance on the decline due to the economy, you can bet that Disney wants every dollar that they can get without losing it to local competition. Having said all of that, you can still save money on your Disney Tickets and get them on the cheap. Here’s how.

At DW VACATION HOMES, we sell our Disney Tickets cheap by including them in a vacation package. In our Disney vacation packages, you get your tickets and lodging together. Our lodging options include condos, villas, town homes and single family homes. We can accommodate families and groups of all sizes. By selling you a vacation package, we are able to mark down our ticket prices and pass the savings on to you. Most companies either sell tickets or lodging, and that is why they are limited in the money that they can save your family.

We are confident that you will not be able to save any more money on your Disney Vacation from another company on any property that we represent. Take a look at our current pricing and compare shop. You can book your package online or you can give us a call at 1-888-269-0276 to talk to one of our reservation specialists who can answer any questions that you may have.


Purchase Cheap Disney Vacations with Your Own Disney Vacation Home

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Cheap Disney Vacations are still available even though Disney just increased their ticket prices across the board. For the forth straight year, Disney has increased their theme park ticket prices on the first Sunday in August. Many wondered if Disney would increase their prices this year because of an economic recession. Disney ticket prices are now higher than ever. Adult one day tickets went up four dollars and children tickets increased by five dollars per ticket. Ticket prices also went up two dollars on the Park Hopper Option.

An announcement that has flown under the radar is that Disney has extended their annual pass from 12 months to 15 months. Now, you can get 3 more months of Disney Them Park Magic for the price of just 12. No one is certain as to why Disney is not marketing this ticket option more. It is all very interesting because Disney wants you to stay longer at their theme parks and that’s why they push the multiday passes so much. They don’t want you spending on of your vacation money at Universal Studios or Seaworld nor at the other 50 attractions in the Orlando area. The multiday passes are specifically set up so that you visit Disney more on your vacation. That is why single day ticket prices are so high. They want you to visit their parks multiple days. That is why I would recommend the annual pass. You get to go to all the Major Disney Parks for the cheapest price and now that you get 3 more months, the deal just got better.

Another great way to get cheap Disney Vacations and have a whole lot more fun is to book a Disney Vacation Home close to the Disney Parks. You can book a beautiful vacation home at the Emerald Island Resort for just $83 per night. That’s cheaper than many hotels. The Emerald Island Resort is located just 2 miles away from Disney and is available as a 3 bedroom unit all the way up to 7 bedroom units. They also offer shuttle services to the Disney Resort so you don’t have to drive to Disney, so, you can avoid paying for parking at Disney. The vacation homes come with a fully equipped kitchen. If you make just a few small meals in the kitchen, while on vacation, you will save yourself a good bit of money.

As you can see, if you want a cheap Disney vacation, all it takes is a little planning and research and you can save your family a lot of money. If you like the best deal on a Disney Vacation, call one of our Disney Reservationists at 1-888-269-0276.


Receive Discounts on an Orlando Vacation Home

Friday, July 24th, 2009

One great thing about so many theme parks being in the Orlando area is that the parks have to continually try to out do each other when it comes to the newest attraction. Universal Studios in Orlando is very close to finishing their newest attraction called the “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.” This new roller coaster should be launching in the next couple of months. Originally, Universal thought that the ride would be finished before the big 4th of July Holiday, but the ride was not completed. They are now running the final tests before releasing the ride to the public. Advertising has popped up all around the city announcing Universal’s latest thrill ride.

Universal is just one of the great parks in the Orlando area. As we all know, Disney World is king of the Orlando theme parks and because of their location, they offer park visitors a lodging option that is not offered near the other major theme parks. When the land surrounding Disney World was originally zoned, it was zoned to accommodate building vacation homes and not just hotels. An Orlando Vacation Home provides a much better vacation experience for the traveler. Not only is an Orlando vacation Home much larger than a hotel but they are very close to Disney World which makes for a super quick ride to and from the Disney Parks.

Our Orlando Vacation Homes are all offered at a discount because we prenegotiate the rates to save you the most money on your vacation. Once you stay at one of our beautiful vacation homes, you will never want to stay in a hotel again.


Kissimmee Vacation Homes at Disney World – Kissimmee Florida

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The last time that we came to Orlando we made the mistake of staying in an Orlando Hotel thinking that we would be close to Disney. We were very wrong. It took us nearly 45 minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom. We took I-4 at about 8:30 AM and it turns out that all of the locals use this road to go to work. All of the local traffic turned a 25 minute drive in 45 minutes. It certainly was not my idea of being of vacation.

Another issue that we had, was that the hotel that we stayed at was not very nice to say the least. We did not look at any pictures online. We had gotten the hotel’s phone number from a travel coupon book in an effort to save money. I think that any money that we thought we were saving got spent in gas on I-4 as we waited in the Orlando traffic. I guess we can all learn from our mistakes.

This time we did things different. No more coupon books and no more Orlando. What we failed to realize is that if you want to go to Walt Disney World, you need to stay in Kissimmee and not Orlando. Kissimmee is the actual city that the Disney resorts and parks are in. So, the vacation home that we are staying in now is less than 10 minutes from the Magic Kingdom. That sure beats 45 minutes of traffic and for a little more money, we are staying in a much nicer place. This time we are staying in Kissimmee Vacation Homes rather than a small outdated hotel. We actually look forward to going back to the vacation home after we get home from the theme parks.

It sure has been a nice vacation this time around. Staying closer to Disney with all the right accommodations has made all the difference between enjoying vacation rather than enduring the vacation. I will look forward to staying in Kissimmee Vacation Homes again for our next Disney vacation.


Vacation Homes Near Disney

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Vacation Homes Near Disney

We were on our second night of our Disney Vacation and we had gone to the Disney Parks for the second straight day. Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom and today we went to the Magic Kingdom. I never realized how hard it is to visit 2 theme parks 2 days straight. My calves and feet were seriously hurtin’ and I felt like I just ran a marathon. What I did not realize is that I may have just walked one in our 2 days at the Disney theme parks. The average person walks about 10 miles per day so I roughly put in about 20 miles on my tennis shoes. My feet may never forgive me.

Anyhow, we were very tired at the end of our day at the Magic Kingdom and everyone was hungry too. I don’t know about you, but I do not like traffic and long lines at the local vacation “hot spot” restaurant/tourist trap. That’s where my wife’s wisdom kicks in high gear. Before we booked our vacation, my wife thoroughly researched Vacation Homes Near Disney. She new ahead of time that we would need to stay close to Disney to have our best vacation because although it would be fun at the parks, it could be tiring too, and it would be best if we could get home quickly after our day at the Disney theme parks. One of the added bonuses of staying in Vacation Homes Near Disney is that the homes come with fully equipped kitchens so as soon as we got in town we picked up a few snacks and small meals and stored them in the refrigerator. I am so glad that we did this because after our day at the Magic Kingdom, I just wanted eat, relax, unwind and jump in the pool for a few minutes and and I was able to do just that. We sure had a great time at Disney this year and our vacation home near Disney made all the difference.