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Podcast – Locate Hunting Spots Near Kissimmee Vacation Homes

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Video – Go Hunting While Staying In Kissimmee Vacation Homes

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Kissimmee vacation rentals

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Before you book a hotel room for your Walt Disney World vacation or trip to the Orlando area, you should consider the cost-efficient alternative of renting a vacation home near Disney World. For families, vacation homes offer more space and more amenities for their hard-earned dollars. Compared to past years, vacation homes are much more reasonably priced. For the cost of one night’s lodging at one of Disney’s on-site resort, a family of four or more can reserve a vacation home for five nights. The reason vacation homes have reduced rates their rates is because of the buyer’s market that’s resulted from the home foreclosure fallout. If you browse through the right sites, you can find incredible deals.

For example, on dwvacationhomes.com, you’ll find an extensive directory to vacation rental homes in Kissimmee and the Lake Buena Vista area surrounding Disney World. Some of the most popular subdivisions for reserving vacation homes in Orlando are: Aviana Resorts, Crescent Lake,Vista Park Resort and Paradise Cove. Terra Verde, Windsor Palms, Emerald Island, and Regal Palms Resort.Amazing amounts of amenities are offered at Aviana Resorts, which is located on US 17-92, South of State Route 192. Amenities include a 65,000 square foot clubhouse, which has a cyber cafe and a pool. Each home has its own private pool.

Terra Verde Resort, located on Poinciana Boulevard,is only a few minutes from Disney World, in a rural, wooded area subdivision. Vista Lakes is another popular choice for vacationing families, with furnishings and room for up to eight guests in multiple master suites. Other convenient amenities in Crescent Lake Vacation homes include outdoor electric grills, two-car garages to keep your car protected from the Florida sun.
Premier Oaks is also near 192 and only a short drive from several of Orlando’s finest shops and restaurants. Amenities at Premier Oaks include a large community pool a volleyball curt, jogging trails and a playground to keep the kids happy. You’ll appreciate the extra space and the attention to detail at Premier Oaks, especially the Mediterranean-themed landscaping.


Kissimmee Vacation Home Sub-Divisions

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with your loved one or your planning a reunion with a group of your best friends, you can find all of the space and rooms you’ll need at a vacation home in Kissimmee, Florida, just minutes away from Walt Disney World Resort, including EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures.
From fully furnished luxury homes to moderate townhomes, you can find the ideal housing to meet your group’s specific needs in a vacation home sub division in Kissimmee. Popular vacation home subdivisions in Kissimmee include Terra Verde Resort, Emerald Island, Reunion, Windsor Palms and Windsor Hills. In each Kissimmee vacation home subdivision, you can find all of the amenities offered at luxurious resorts. For example, at the Terra Verde Resort, you can book a four bedroom, three bathroom townhouse fully furnished with a full kitchen, including appliances like a dishwasher, refrigerator, ice maker, microwave and a toaster, along with a washer dryer and luxurious amenities like a game room, dvd player, video game center and a stereo system.
You can book that vacation home for just under $700 per week, which is as much as you’d pay for just for just three nights at a comparable size unit in the Walt Disney World resort.
Perhaps you’re traveling with a smaller group and you don’t need accommodations for eight. There are still plenty of great vacation home choices for families of four. For example, you can book a three bedroom vacation home in Kissimmee, for an affordable price of $99, located only seven miles from Walt Disney World. These bungalows features a fully equipped kitchen and dining room and amenities like a ping pong table, high speed internet and a private pool, with an on-site tennis court and volleyball court. No matter what you are looking for there is a vacation home in the Kissimmee area which will fit your needs. We offer everything from 3 bedroom townhouses all the way up to 6 bedroom vacation homes.


Disney-area vacation homes advantages over Disney hotels

Friday, May 7th, 2010

For large families looking to travel on a budget, vacation homes near Walt Disney World Resort offer a lodging alternative that is much cheaper than most Disney World Resort packages. For example, at Disney’s Grand Floridian the cheapest nightly rate for a family is $495, and the most expensive is $1310 per night.
For the price of one night at Disney’s Grand Floridian, you can book four days at a vacation rental home with 3-4 bedrooms and room for eight guests. Other benefits of renting a vacation home include: extra space, more privacy and more amenities for your money. Standard rooms in Disney resorts don’t feature complete entertainment systems that are found in many vacation homes. Kissimmee vacation pool homes provide travelers the chance to unwind and relax with the same comfort they enjoy in their own living rooms, with complete furnishing. Imagine how much you’ll pay for a night at the movie theater and dinner at a restaurant, compared to the cost of eating in, renting a movie and watching it in the comfort of your own living room.
Disney resorts confine you to one or two rooms and if part of your group wants to play board games, while the other part wants to watch a movie, you’ll have to compromise. On the other hand, if you have a complete house for your stay, the kids can play board games in their own room or watch cartoons on their own television, while the adults enjoy reading a book on the couch or a movie together.
At a Disney resort, there’s no telling who your neighbors will be, and for all you know, you could be stuck next to a group of rowdy college students on spring break. Vacation homes offer privacy to protect your kids from strangers and allow parents to monitor their kids throughout the trip. You can’t guarantee a good night’s sleep if you don’t know who your neighbors will be on the other side of a resort wall


Kissimmee Vacation Homes Uncovered

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Those that are looking for something a bit special know that the best place to search is where an attraction is located. This same advice holds true when one is searching the internet for a good deal on a vacation home with a private pool near Disney World. The key is to type in Kissimmee Vacation Homes for Disney is not located in Orlando but is in the city of Kissimmee.

When searching for a vacation pool home our surveys show you are looking for: larger space, your own private pool, you want to be close to Walt Disney World, you desire a full kitchen, and you want more than one bath. Other amenities are mentioned in these surveys but these were top five.

Let’s take a look at each individually:

Larger space…Vacationers today have had it with cramped hotel rooms. Desiring significant space where the family can enjoy some space for themselves is to accommodate the family in a private vacation homes. Here you can get a three, four or even five bedroom home depending upon your needs. The space difference is considerable. A normal hotel room is about 20 x 20 or 400 sq ft. The smallest of the private pool homes is 1,900 that is five times the size, and oh by the way, the nightly rate is almost the same.

Private pool…You are on vacation and you want to enjoy every minute. What a better way to accomplish this than with your own private pool. Imagine you and your family have had a great day at the theme parks and it is late in the afternoon. Everyone is a bit tired and we have to plan dinner…think about lounging by your pool, having a pizza or fixing some hamburgers on the grill, the family will have a great time…the fun continues and it is refreshing.

Close to Walt Disney World…How close is my home to Disney World? This is one of a few frequent questions asked by all guests. The best news is that all of our homes are inside a radius of 14 minutes to the entrance of Disney’s Maingate. There are no shuttle service due to the high cost of the insurance, so to use a private pool home, one must have access to a car or rent a taxi.

The survey said you wanted a kitchen…many people have found that the cost of a Disney World Vacation is quite expensive….matter of fact, the tickets will represent 70% of the cost of the average vacation. To bring the vacation back into one’s budget, many clients are finding that a home is a great way to cut as much as $100 a day out of the expense by eating breakfast and dinner in. Be aware, all of the pots and pans, dishware, silver ware, plate ware, glasses and utensils are provided to cook up a feast.

More than one bath…It is hard to fathom five people sharing a hotel room and all having to use the same bath to get ready in the morning. With a Kissimmee Vacation Home one can find two up to four baths per home. If you need a 3 bedroom home most of our homes will offer you one less bath than bedrooms…so here you will have two baths. If you are getting a five bedroom home the normal number of baths per home is four. It is generally one less than the number of bedrooms reserved.

The key stat that is not mentioned by our guests, but is very important is our low nightly rates. Kissimmee Vacation Homes offer the best value for the money. You will find that a three bedroom private pool home will cost about the same as a three star hotel. For all you get in renting a vacation pool home, one can understand why this is the lodging choice for so many coming to Walt Disney World.


Disney Area Rental Homes

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

If you are looking for Disney Area Rental Homes for your Orlando Vacation, look no further. At DW Vacation Homes, we specialize in finding families the best vacation home for their Orlando Vacation. We have serviced the Orlando Market for nearly 20 years now. That has given us plenty of time to locate to the very best vacation homes.

We can accommodate your family or group regardless of size. All of our Disney Homes come equipped with full kitchens, plenty of space, nice televisions, washer and dryer, home furniture, and you also have the option of having your own private pool. All of the comforts and conveniences of home will be right at your finger tips.

Disney Area Rental Homes are located near the Disney World Resort which makes the trips to and from the parks much quicker and easier. You certainly do not want to be stuck in the Orlando Traffic and what better way to avoid to the traffic than being just minutes from the Disney Theme Parks.

The best vacation homes to rent are located in the Kissimmee Area. Kissimmee Vacation Homes are located closer to Disney than vacation homes in Orlando. Disney World is located in Kissimmee, Florida and not in Orlando, Florida. Although, most people associate Disney with the city of Orlando. If you desire to stay in an Orlando Vacation Home and you plan on visiting the Disney Parks, then, be sure to find out how far your vacation home is from Disney. Another, thing to consider, if you stay in Orlando, is when you will leaving to go to the parks? If you are going during the work week, try not to travel between the hours of 7AM – 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM – 7PM as those are the busiest hours on the roads. Slow moving traffic is common during those times as locals rush to and from work.


Kissimmee Vacation Homes at Disney World – Kissimmee Florida

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The last time that we came to Orlando we made the mistake of staying in an Orlando Hotel thinking that we would be close to Disney. We were very wrong. It took us nearly 45 minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom. We took I-4 at about 8:30 AM and it turns out that all of the locals use this road to go to work. All of the local traffic turned a 25 minute drive in 45 minutes. It certainly was not my idea of being of vacation.

Another issue that we had, was that the hotel that we stayed at was not very nice to say the least. We did not look at any pictures online. We had gotten the hotel’s phone number from a travel coupon book in an effort to save money. I think that any money that we thought we were saving got spent in gas on I-4 as we waited in the Orlando traffic. I guess we can all learn from our mistakes.

This time we did things different. No more coupon books and no more Orlando. What we failed to realize is that if you want to go to Walt Disney World, you need to stay in Kissimmee and not Orlando. Kissimmee is the actual city that the Disney resorts and parks are in. So, the vacation home that we are staying in now is less than 10 minutes from the Magic Kingdom. That sure beats 45 minutes of traffic and for a little more money, we are staying in a much nicer place. This time we are staying in Kissimmee Vacation Homes rather than a small outdated hotel. We actually look forward to going back to the vacation home after we get home from the theme parks.

It sure has been a nice vacation this time around. Staying closer to Disney with all the right accommodations has made all the difference between enjoying vacation rather than enduring the vacation. I will look forward to staying in Kissimmee Vacation Homes again for our next Disney vacation.


Kissimmee Vacation Homes – The Place to Stay for your Disney Vacation

Friday, June 5th, 2009

If you are going to Disney on your family vacation, be sure to check into Kissimmee Vacation Homes. They are the best place to stay at and one of the reasons is that they are located right next to Disney.

When travelers come to Florida for their Orlando Vacation, they often start off in the wrong direction by
picking the wrong city to stay at. What most tourists fail to realize is that The Walt Disney World Resort is located in Kissimmee, Florida and not in Orlando, Florida.

Orlando is located about forty five minutes north of Disney World, and if you travel to or from the theme parks at peek traffic times, the amount of travel time to the park will certainly increase. I don’t know about you, but when I go on my Disney vacation, the last thing that I want to do is spend my time sitting in traffic while getting baked by the hot Florida sun. I plan on enjoying my vacation and not adding more frustration to my life while there.

Here are some other things to think about when deciding if you should say in Orlando Vacation Homes or Kissimmee Vacation Homes.

When you are at the Disney parks for a full day, you will get tired and fatigued and if you did not wear sunscreen you may get sun burnt too. The family is going to be very tired at the end of the day, some may be hungry or thirsty, others sleepy (if they are not sleeping already), some are going to want to take a shower when they get back to the vacation home, some will want to relax and unwind, and others will go straight to bed. After the family gets in the car, you don’t want to drive for 45 minutes to get everyone unloaded and off to bed. You really want that trip to be as short as possible. That’s why the short fifteen minute drive to your Kissimmee Vacation Home just makes more sense.

So, when you are out their shopping for the right vacation home to stay in, make sure that it’s in Kissimmee. If you are planning a vacation to the Orlando area theme parks, we would love to help you by selecting the best vacation home for your family. Our Vacation packages are the best way to save money on your vacation. Give us a call at 1-888-269-0276. Our vacation specialists are standing by to assist you.