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Best Deal on a Disney Condo

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I love talking about “best deals” especially when it comes to renting a Disney Condo. There are so many choices and quite frankly a number of things come into play when looking for the best deal.

First of course would be location. Who wants to have first-class accommodations only to have to drive a half hour or so to the theme parks…that won’t cut it. Location is the prime reason 43% of our clients select one property over another. As long as the property is inside of 10 minutes to the parks…that is acceptable at least in my book.
Second consideration concerns quality. Who wants to rent a dump? No one! The property must be exceptionally nice for my wife and family to stay there…if not she will say we have got to find something better. Hence if you can find a newer property that is well maintained, you are on the right road.

Third consideration is low nightly rates. Disney World Theme Park Tickets are expensive and adding an expensive lodging choice might break the budget. I generally tell people a nice condo should cost no more than a three-star hotel at the entrance to the theme parks. Rate is definitely important consideration.

Fourth, there should be no hidden fees. I have heard of many management companies who advertise low rates and then come back around with booking fees and the like. This is not fair. Tell it like it is; if you charge a fee spell it out up front….not when I am ready to book.

Lastly, the property must accommodate my needs and offer a myriad of amenities that my family will enjoy. The idea of having a large clubhouse with activities all day for my kids is a benefit. A water complex with slides and water activities is a huge plus. Shuttle service to Disney World is a nice feature. All of these are things I would consider using. These are important when selecting the right condo.

The name of two of the condo complexes that meet the five criteria I have set as being a Best Deal on a Disney Condo are The Fountains Resort home of two bedroom/two bath units and Regal Palm Resort with 3 and 4 Br town homes. Click on www.dwvacationhomes.com and check them out, you will be mighty glad you did.