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How close are the vacation home communities to Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

On-site resorts at Disney, SeaWorld and Universal eliminate the hassle and expense of traveling to local attractions, but they’re usually priced much higher than the typical Kissimmeee vacation home or rental condo.
Fortunately, you can find a vacation home community located within a couple miles of Orlando’s most popular theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet N Wild, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, the Orange County Convention Center, and other attractions.
Key roads to look for near your lodging include Interstate 4, Universal Boulevard ,John Young, Kirkman road State Road 192 ,International Drive and Vineland Road. Each of these roads leads to at least one of the major theme parks.
When you’re browsing through the various vacation home communities, be sure to check their location in relation to one of the aforementioned roads. For example, if you find a home in the Orange Lake subdivision, you’ll notice that it’s located right next to state road 192, which will take you straight into the heart of Lake Buena Vista and Kissimmee, home of Disney World. Orange Lake is one of the most popular choices for vacation homes in Orlando because it’s only five minutes away from Disney.
If you find a town home in a subdivision closer to downtown or east Orlando, such as Lake Nona, Baldwin Park or Winter Park, you’ll be closer to the airport, but further from the main theme parks, approximately 30 minutes from Walt Disney World. Main roads near subdivisions in East Orlando include Colonial Drive, Semoran Boulevard, Narcoose Boulevard and Lee Vista Road.
If you are looking to save on your lodging budget or you prefer to stay close to the airport for piece of mind about departing on time, you may opt to stay in East Orlando, but you risk losing valuable time on your journey to and from the theme park. Interstate 4 is known for extremely long delays during rush hour traffic and those delays can ruin an otherwise great day at the theme park.


Vacation Homes near Disney

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

This blog entry is going to deal with questions we get asked day in and day out regarding Vacation Homes near Disney…hope this helps.

What are the bed types in my four bedroom vacation home?

Note: all private pool homes in Orlando around the Disney World Theme Parks are owned by individual investors. Many of these are citizens of the UK. You will generally find that they will outfit the Master Bedroom with either a King or Queen Bed. The second bedroom will generally have a larger bed, but the third and fourth bedrooms will have twin beds each. The five bedroom models, at least the ones I have seen, will generally have two bedrooms with larger beds and twins will be in the remaining three.

How close will my home be to Disney World?

All of the 325 homes in our inventory are inside of 14 minutes to the Main Gate of Walt Disney World.

Where can I see pictures of my specific vacation pool home?

Obviously with so many homes in our inventory we would have to have a lot of pictures. Let me better explain it to you….The nightly rates for our executive and standard homes are far below the average for the the quality you are getting. The reason is that the reservation is blind as to the property in question. The management company receives your reservation and when they confirm your reservation they are guaranteeing you an executive home (if that is what you are trying to reserve) for the dates you requested. They will put your reservation in inventory and move it around several times prior to your arrival. Now, lets say they showed you pictures of the first home your reservation was booked for, but when you arrived here to pick up the keys at the Welcome Center, the home you received was different….you would think what’s up. What they are doing with the low nightly rates is to give you what you want and move your reservation around in their system to max out the bookings in a given month for all homes in their portfolio.

What is the difference between a standard pool home and an Executive Model?

First of all, there are some similarities; both of the homes were built by the same builder. The differences lies in what happened after the owner/investor bought his home. The standard home buyer went to a furniture store and bought relatively cheap furniture. He put in the lower grade of carpets, Venetian blinds are on the windows, the paint color throughout the entire house is white, the lesser grade of pool furniture is what he purchased and he put in a few smaller televisions. The Executive Home buyer was proud of his investment and saw himself using his home quite often. He went to the interior decorator of the builder and they chose color to put on the walls, the better grade of carpet was ordered, drapes on the windows, the better furniture package, the better pool furniture and the larger televisions. The difference for you will be the quality of your vacation pool home. When your wife walks in and says WOW! The desired effect of the investment was reached.

As W. Brewer of Lexington, KY said…”the key for us was to have the necessary room to spread out and enjoy the comforts of our home…. the private pool enhanced the overall vacation experience.”


Kissimmee Vacation Homes Uncovered

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Those that are looking for something a bit special know that the best place to search is where an attraction is located. This same advice holds true when one is searching the internet for a good deal on a vacation home with a private pool near Disney World. The key is to type in Kissimmee Vacation Homes for Disney is not located in Orlando but is in the city of Kissimmee.

When searching for a vacation pool home our surveys show you are looking for: larger space, your own private pool, you want to be close to Walt Disney World, you desire a full kitchen, and you want more than one bath. Other amenities are mentioned in these surveys but these were top five.

Let’s take a look at each individually:

Larger space…Vacationers today have had it with cramped hotel rooms. Desiring significant space where the family can enjoy some space for themselves is to accommodate the family in a private vacation homes. Here you can get a three, four or even five bedroom home depending upon your needs. The space difference is considerable. A normal hotel room is about 20 x 20 or 400 sq ft. The smallest of the private pool homes is 1,900 that is five times the size, and oh by the way, the nightly rate is almost the same.

Private pool…You are on vacation and you want to enjoy every minute. What a better way to accomplish this than with your own private pool. Imagine you and your family have had a great day at the theme parks and it is late in the afternoon. Everyone is a bit tired and we have to plan dinner…think about lounging by your pool, having a pizza or fixing some hamburgers on the grill, the family will have a great time…the fun continues and it is refreshing.

Close to Walt Disney World…How close is my home to Disney World? This is one of a few frequent questions asked by all guests. The best news is that all of our homes are inside a radius of 14 minutes to the entrance of Disney’s Maingate. There are no shuttle service due to the high cost of the insurance, so to use a private pool home, one must have access to a car or rent a taxi.

The survey said you wanted a kitchen…many people have found that the cost of a Disney World Vacation is quite expensive….matter of fact, the tickets will represent 70% of the cost of the average vacation. To bring the vacation back into one’s budget, many clients are finding that a home is a great way to cut as much as $100 a day out of the expense by eating breakfast and dinner in. Be aware, all of the pots and pans, dishware, silver ware, plate ware, glasses and utensils are provided to cook up a feast.

More than one bath…It is hard to fathom five people sharing a hotel room and all having to use the same bath to get ready in the morning. With a Kissimmee Vacation Home one can find two up to four baths per home. If you need a 3 bedroom home most of our homes will offer you one less bath than bedrooms…so here you will have two baths. If you are getting a five bedroom home the normal number of baths per home is four. It is generally one less than the number of bedrooms reserved.

The key stat that is not mentioned by our guests, but is very important is our low nightly rates. Kissimmee Vacation Homes offer the best value for the money. You will find that a three bedroom private pool home will cost about the same as a three star hotel. For all you get in renting a vacation pool home, one can understand why this is the lodging choice for so many coming to Walt Disney World.


And the winner is Terra Verde Resort

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I recently received a letter of thanks from a guest who was looking to come to Orlando late last year for a Magical Disney World Vacation. Her name was Valery and she was from West Lafayette Louisiana. Her party was made up of 2 adults (sisters) and each had their siblings with them. One was age 13 the other 15. The dilemma was that the oldest child was a girl, the youngest a boy…both cousins. We discussed getting two hotel rooms, but found that the best choice was the Terra Verde Resort.

The reason for this choice was really quite simple. Valery had a tight budget. She wanted to get a place where the party of four could be together, but the kids would have separate sleeping quarters. She also wanted a secure setting that offered a ton of amenities to keep the kids occupied.

The budget question was what we tackled first. We wanted something that would be cheaper than getting two hotel rooms and we wanted to be close to Disney World which was where the family was going to spend the most time. Terra Verde fit the bill here for the rates were about the same as the price of one average hotel room close to the parks and it was located less than 10 short minutes to Disney World.

Regarding the separate sleeping quarters, we selected a three bedroom two bath town home. Each of the kids had their own bedroom and the two sisters shared the Master. There were two and one half baths in the unit and there was also a full kitchen, laundry room, living room and dining area.

Terra Verde is a gated community with a guard house and a live guard that only permits guest and owners the ability to enter the confines of the resort. We don’t have much crime anywhere in the Disney area, but the guard gate permits the family the peace of mind to allow teens the privilege to go to the club house and community pool unsupervised.

Finally, when it comes to amenities, Terra Verde has no peers. The Resort offers a huge community pool, an extremely large clubhouse with concierge service, a media room where movies are shown, an internet café and a state of the art fitness center. There is also a huge lake and playgrounds for the smaller kids. If volley ball in your thing, there is even a sand volley ball court as well as basketball court for the older kids.

Yes, Valery and her sister made the choice of spending their five days at Terra Verde Resort. As she said in her letter to me….”we had a blast, it was hard to determine whether to stay in our lovely home or to go to the theme parks.” Terra Verde Resort was the winner and so was Valery and her family!!!


Disney World Vacation Homes

Friday, January 15th, 2010

A question always arises….what is the difference between Disney World Vacation Homes verses my residence. The answer is simple, all of the vacation homes found at dwvacationhomes.com have their own private pool, other than that they are identical to anyone’s residence.

To go a step further, understand that your kitchen in a vacation home in Orlando is fully equipped. It has an oven, stove, refrigerator, microwave, freezer, toaster, coffee pot, all your silverware, plate ware, glasses, and kitchen utensils. The dining area is fully equipped as well.

All of the accommodations have at least two televisions. One is generally in the great room with the second in the master. Many vacation home investors put more televisions in their units, but that is simply a matter of taste.

The bedrooms in most vacation homes are such that you will find a large bed in the master and generally twins in the other bedrooms. Just as I say that…there are many homes I have seen that have actually had two masters, so here you would have two large beds and then the rest twins. The reason for the twins is to accommodate the children in the party.

The key to a nice vacation home is your private pool and lanai. The executive homes which are quite popular, offer an upgrade in pool furniture and pool amenities. If you desire to spend considerable time out by the pool, you may choose an executive home over a standard model.

Location of Disney World Vacation Homes is vital. You don’t want to be driving all over the city when the kids want to see Mickey. All of our vacation pool homes are located inside a 14 minute radius to the entrance to Disney World.

When considering a vacation pool home this year, make sure of its location, the age of the property and check the nightly rates….a few answers to the logical questions will serve you well.


Great deals on Disney Pool Homes

Friday, December 18th, 2009

We are fast approaching a new year, and I was looking at the rates that our partners have put in the data base for Disney Pool Homes for the upcoming year. All I can say is WOW! With these exceptional low rates, they are telling you and I, they don’t believe the economy is turning around at all.

Let me say…when you can get a 3BR/2BA vacation pool home inside of 14 minute radius to Disney World’s Main Entrance and have all of the features of your own home and to do it at $110 per night….well, it is high time to consider a vacation to Orlando. Think about it….being able to rent a Disney Pool Home that has cost some investor upwards to $350,000 or more and you are getting that for as low as $110 a night, the price normally charged by a Holiday Inn in the Disney World market ….well, that is unheard of.

These relatively new first-class executive homes have some 1,700 to 1,900 sq feet and offer three bedrooms, two baths, a huge great room, a lovely kitchen (fully stocked with all appliances and tableware) and of course a screened in lanai with private heated swimming pool. If you are looking for substantial space for your family to enjoy this year’s Disney World Vacation, then you have got to look at the Executive Pool Homes near Disney World that are featured on www.dwvacationhomes.com.

Based on the low rates offered by our management companies, they are stating they want to see improvement in the economic cycle prior to raising rates back to the norm. A word of caution, even though the advertised nightly rates are extremely attractive today, rest assured once these management companies see a spike in bookings…the rates for the spring break Easter holidays will be the first to see a substantial up-tick. Historically business around the Daytona 500 week and the President’s Day holiday are quite popular periods as well….therefore, expect rates to jump then as well.

The bottom line is…due to the economic climate no one really knows what to expect. The low nightly rates for our relatively new three, four and five bedroom executive pool homes are at unheard of rates. Now, is the time to take advantage before the market firms up and our providers punch their rates $20 or more per night. To make a reservation all you need is a $50 refundable deposit.


Deals on Disney Vacation Homes

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Eighty three percent of all accommodations booked at Disney World Vacation Homes come to us from the internet. Matter of fact, the web is the number one sales engine for travel and vacation opportunities.

In researching for a Disney Vacation Homes for a couple of guests looking to returning to Orlando this March for spring break, I was amazed at the myriad of accommodations that were offered. It seems that the choices were endless. Well, that is true. Today there are over 30,000 private vacation homes located in Orlando.

There are generally two segments to the vacation home market. Standard homes are very clean but are a bit older than those of it’s new brother the Executive models. The standard homes generally have white walls, a nice furniture package and standard or entry level carpeting. Generally a standard home will not have drapes but will offer Venetian blinds.

An executive pool home as found on Disney World Vacation Homes is graded such to get mom to say “WOW”. First of all, the executive homes are newer and offer the upgraded carpet, the nicer furniture package through out, pictures on the walls, planting material and nice pool furniture package.

Both market segments of homes are located inside 14 minutes to the entrance to Disney World and each has a cleaning fee and sales tax. The rates for the standard private pool homes are some 25 to 30% cheaper on a nightly basis from the executive models.

If you are looking for added space where the family can spread out and not be under foot, you want your own private pool, you desire to be close to Disney World and the other Orlando attractions and you want all of this at low nightly rates then you will definitely want to check out the options available to you at www.dwvacationhomes.com


Disney Condos – A Great Vacation Choice

Friday, September 4th, 2009

If you have ever stayed in a hotel with your kids, then, you will certainly appreciate this article. The average Orlando hotel size is only 400 square feet. I bet you didn’t realize that. But if you have a couple of kids like us, it feels more like 200 square feet or more like an overgrown closet.

Early this Summer we went to a hotel owned by Disney and I was disappointed in not only the size but the hotel itself. I didn’t realize Disney owned 2 star hotels. I guess that you are supposed to just be happy that you are staying on Disney property. The hotel walls seemed paper thin. It was certainly a shotgun style hotel room. We could hardly get around the room without running into each other.

Well, we certainly learned form that experience. Just last weekend we decided to try something different and we chose a Disney condo. Now this Disney condo was not owned by Disney but was very close to all the Disney parks. The experience was night and day when compared staying at a Disney hotel.

For starters, everyone had their own room. Now, there’s a great idea, and the place had to be about 3 times larger than the hotel and I just couldn’t believe the prices. It cost less than the hotel at Disney. We paid just $89 a night for the Disney condo rather then $99 for the undersized hotel.

It was a great experience for sure. Everyone loved it. If you are considering renting a Disney condo, don’t think twice. They are a hidden jem in the Orlando vacation market.


Receive Discounts on an Orlando Vacation Home

Friday, July 24th, 2009

One great thing about so many theme parks being in the Orlando area is that the parks have to continually try to out do each other when it comes to the newest attraction. Universal Studios in Orlando is very close to finishing their newest attraction called the “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.” This new roller coaster should be launching in the next couple of months. Originally, Universal thought that the ride would be finished before the big 4th of July Holiday, but the ride was not completed. They are now running the final tests before releasing the ride to the public. Advertising has popped up all around the city announcing Universal’s latest thrill ride.

Universal is just one of the great parks in the Orlando area. As we all know, Disney World is king of the Orlando theme parks and because of their location, they offer park visitors a lodging option that is not offered near the other major theme parks. When the land surrounding Disney World was originally zoned, it was zoned to accommodate building vacation homes and not just hotels. An Orlando Vacation Home provides a much better vacation experience for the traveler. Not only is an Orlando vacation Home much larger than a hotel but they are very close to Disney World which makes for a super quick ride to and from the Disney Parks.

Our Orlando Vacation Homes are all offered at a discount because we prenegotiate the rates to save you the most money on your vacation. Once you stay at one of our beautiful vacation homes, you will never want to stay in a hotel again.


Why stay at a Disney Condo?

Friday, June 26th, 2009

If you are heading to the Orlando area for your family vacation, do yourself a favor and check up on a Disney Condo. They often get overlooked in favor of more expensive but less nicer hotel accommodations. Disney condos can cost less and be more enjoyable for your family and here is why.

With hotel rooms averaging about four hundred square feet, there certainly is not much room to spare. Of course the larger the family, the more of an issue this becomes. Disney condos come with two and three bedroom options and have at least double the size of the average hotel room. Everyone can have their own space to unwind and relax. You have room to spare.

Another great feature of the condo is that they some with very nice kitchens that come with all that you need. That includes your utensils, plates, refrigerator, and stove. So, you have ample space to store snacks or whip up a meal if you so choose.

Disney condos are located close to all of the theme parks. For example, the Windsor Palms community is less than two miles from the Disney theme parks. Being that close to the parks, really comes in handy after a long day at Disney. You will be able to quickly take care of any little one who are tired or hungry.
Condo communities also come with great amenities such as a pool, twenty four hour security, basketball courts, weight rooms and tennis courts.