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Tips for renting a Disney World vacation pool home

One of the best alternatives to staying in a hotel when visiting Disney World is to rent a vacation home. Some of the best and affordable vacation homes are located around the Kissimmee area. There are different sizes of houses and Disney condos available for rent all year round. These short-term rental homes come in different packages and their prices depend on many factors, most importantly, the time of the year you are visiting. You may choose from a 3-bedroom flat or a 6-bedroom villas which can accommodate up to 12 adults.

First tip is to consider the number of people staying in the house and for how long. This first step determines the outlook of every other thing. Go online and find the right home for your Disney vacation and get in contact with the owner or caretaker via phone or e-mail. Compare the price of the house to other such facilities in the area to be sure you are not being ripped off.

Request for a formal contract detailing the dates the deposits and balances are to be made; find out if there is a cancellation policy; and buy travel insurance just in case, so that any loss you might incur is well covered. Get the full name and right contacts of the owner and be sure the owner is reachable on the phone by calling him a couple of times before you actually head out on your vacation.

Keep in mind that you may not be the only one seeking to rent the same house, so whatever you do, try to wrap up the deal as soon as possible. After you bargain and you have reached a conclusion, pay for the house online, using preferably, a credit card so that the records are well secured. Be sure to print that receipt before heading out to Disney World.



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