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Top 8 Ways to Save Money on Disney Souvenirs

1. Don’t leave home without it. Look for items on ebay, Amazon or a local disney store and buy them in advance. Do this far enough in advance to allow time for shipping if purchasing online. Once you get the items, pack them for the vacation. Stores at Disney are quite overpriced so this one tip can save you a bundle.

2. Preplan your Purchases. Ask your kids what they want to but at Disney World and give them a budget before going. This will help them to focus on what they really want to take home form their Orlando vacation.

3. Get Memorable Souvenirs. Souvenirs such as toys and clothes will be gone one day but souvenirs such as pressed pennies and post cards can last a lifetime. They are great for scrapbooks. Pressed pennies postcards are available at all of the theme parks. Postcards can also be signed by Disney characters.

4. Disney Dollars Disney dollars are currency at the Disney World theme parks and Disney stores. They are available in denominations of $1, $5, $10 and $20 and come with different characters featured on each bill. This will certainly help the kids manage their money.

5. Get the Free Cup For children’s drinks, the Disney restaurants give the kids a plastic cup that can be saved. Also, many restaurants will give you the same cup if you order water.

6. Save Big The cheapest place in Disney Mickey’s Mart is located in down town Disney and has the best souvenir prices out of any of the Disney owned souvenir shops. All items are priced $10.00 and under.

7. Look for the Free Stuff Many of the best deals and items are right under our noses. If you like to create scrapbooks and create memories that can be revisited, you may be interested in Disney napkins, park maps, receipts, hotel keys, soap wrappers etc….

8. Film It We live in the age of digital photography and we no longer need to get photos or film processed so make the most of it. Bring a digital camera or compact camcorder and film to your hearts content. You will be able to revisit the vacation whenever you want.

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