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Why Stay in a Disney Vacation Home?

There are many reasons for you and your family to stay in a Disney vacation home while vacationing in Orlando.

The first that comes to mind is the size of the rental home as opposed to a hotel room. Vacation homes have much more space and often, everyone can have their own room and some accommodate pets as well. This allows everyone their own personal space and privacy. Besides everyone having their own room, you also get a kitchen, living room, laundry facilities and you could also opt to get a pool home if you choose.

This provides a home away from home for everyone and helps keep the cost of feeding a family much more manageable. You have the option of cooking meals if you want or having a place to store all of the snacks and who knows, you may need to do a load of laundry.

Homes are rented at a flat rate and not per family member. The bigger the family, the more you save.
To get the best prices and best locations on Disney vacation homes, be sure to book well in advance. Demand for these homes can be quite high during peek season. This will help assure that you and your family have their best time on their Orlando vacation.

Make sure to write down deadlines and due dates for the vacation home. Especially, if you book well in advance. It’s easy to forget things and you want this vacation to be as stress free as possible.
Also, make sure you know how to get to the property and where to get and return the key. Print out maps is necessary.

Renting a vacation home will make your stay more enjoyable and a great asset to the whole vacation.


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