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executive pool home near disneyYou are considering renting

Disney Pool Homes

, and you are looking at this option because you need more space. You like the idea of having your own private swimming pool, and of course, you want low nightly rates.

One community that we can suggest is The Emerald Island Resort which features a gated community with 24 hour guard service on duty 7 days a week for your security. The resort is actually sectioned off into two different sections: the townhome area and the vacation home area. The townhome area offers a great gazebo with grills, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a large community swimming pool complete with a small clubhouse.

Disney Pool Homes first appeared in the market in the mid 1990's when a number of entrepreneurial investors from Great Britain developed a number of homes primarily for their use. Since the Brits are used to taking two or three holiday breaks each lasting upwards to two weeks at a time, it goes without saying that a cramped hotel room for this long of a stint was not a viable option. Today, the Orlando market has embraced this option and the popularity of these Disney Vacation Homes is enormous. It is estimated that in 1993 there were only a thousand or so stand alone disney pool homes. Today there are over 25,000 vacation pool homes in the Disney World area.

When you are looking for a vacation villa in Orlando, what are you looking for? By the way, villa is synomous with detached home with varying amenities. First of all, you are looking for more space. The average three bedroom home carries upwards to 1,500 to 1,700 sq ft. This is three to four times the average size of a standard hotel room. The cost of these homes generally starts out at $350,000 and goes upwards to $600,000 depending on the square footage. All homes have their own private pool which is a huge plus to make this the most memorable family vacation. All homes have a complete kitchen and a number of baths.

Location is vital to an investor looking to rent his home. In a survey completed in 2007, it showed 43% of all vacationers want to stay close to Disney World. All of the vacationhomes you will find at this web site are located no more than fifteen minutes to the entrance to Disney World.

As the article is headlined " Disney Pool Homes"...this signifies there are two segments to vacation pool homes. Let's look at the difference…

A Standard Pool Home is identical in construction to that of its first class brother an Executive. It was built to the same specs, and more than likely is located in the same community. However, the difference between the two lies with the action taken by the investor once he purchased the home. As you would understand, a number of investors chose to decorate their home on their own. They went to a furniture store, like Room's To Go and purchased bedding, night stands, and lamps and put the necessities in their home. They probably left the walls white and the carpet was the entry brand that was furnished by the builder.

An Executive Pool Home is the top of the line. This investor purchased the home and sat down with one of the developer's interior designers. They picked out the color for the walls, the better quality carpets, and drapes for the windows. The pool furniture as you will find is much nicer; every part of this home has been addressed and in most cases upgraded. In other words, they have really dolled your home up. We always like to say... the Executive Home is one where mom enters the home and her first word is "WOW"!

One of the main questions we are asked is what is the difference in the nightly cost between a Disney Pool Home? The answer is not much. Depending on the season it will run anywhere between $8 and $18 per night to have the Executive Home over the Standard vacation pool home.

Whatever, your choice you will be glad to know that most all of our Disney pool homes listed on this site was constructed from 2004. Since the downturn in the economy, vacation home building ceased as an option in 2007.

If you are looking for significantly more space, you want your family to enjoy their own private pool, you desire to locate close to Disney World and the other theme parks in Orlando, and you want exceptional low nightly rates.... then, you really need to consider the Disney Pool Homes featured on this site as the best choice for your Disney vacation.


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Disney Pool Homes Testimonials

We really enjoyed our Disney pool home. The kids loved it.

Terry L.

We skipped the parks one day and just stayed at the pool home. It was a nice break from all of the walking.

Jeff T.

Our Disney pool home was so nice and relaxing. I enjoyed it more than shopping.

Karen P.



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